Air Curtain

Air curtains From Dolphy is the best product to keep your surroundings neat & clean. Ac curtains door keeps you safe from dirty particles & bacteria. You can buy air curtain online from Dolphy if you want air curtains at a cheap price.

Air Curtain

White metal air curtain with single phase
White metal air curtain with single phase
Stainless Steel Air curtain Single Phase
Stainless Steel Air curtain Single Phase
ABS Sensor Air Curtains With Remote Control
ABS Sensor Air Curtains With Remote Control
Ceiling mounted air curtain with on off switch
Ceiling mounted air curtain with on off switch
Silver high speed air curtain 20-22 Feet
Silver high speed air curtain 20-22 Feet

Air curtains : Air Conditioning Doorway Curtain are the best products to keep your surroundings clean and tidy. They are installed above the door and make an invisible layer of curtain that stops the germs and bacteria from entering the place. Whenever you enter inside and the door is opened, the curtain starts working and kills all the dirty particles that try to enter the surrounding. Along with it they also control dust, air pollutants and bad odour to enter the environment. 


Inhaling fresh and purified air is the best thing to be healthy and safe. They can be found in industries, malls, airports and hospitals that keep the place neat and tidy. People who have asthma problems and other airborne diseases should use air curtains so that they remain safe and protected from pollutants. They are the best products for commercial as well as non-commercial places. 


Air Curtains Collection

At our online store, you will come across a wide variety of air curtains that can be purchased at a low and discounted price. The products are made from durable quality so that you can experience a better living. Here are some of our air curtain ranges that may help you to select the most favorable one. 


Stainless Steel Air Curtain:

We have a range of stainless steel air curtains at our online store. It is rust-proof and can be fixed above the main door with the help of screws and stands available along with the product. It provides cool and fresh air inside the room with the help of blowers. So if you are willing to buy a powerful and efficient air curtain then do check our list. 


Ceiling Mounted Air Curtain:

You will also find high-quality ceiling-mounted air curtains that are used to install at big places. You might have seen them at airports or in malls and industries. As the name suggests, they are mounted at the ceiling providing fresh and cool air all around the room. It pulls on all the bacteria present in the surrounding. It also kills germs produced while sneezing and coughing. 


Industrial Air Curtain:

A number of industries that work 24/7 make use of the product to protect themselves from falling ill frequently. If you breathe in fresh and purified air then the chances of getting sick decreases. So if you are also searching for an effective air curtain and are thinking of installing it then you can buy it from our webstore at affordable prices. They have an on-off switch and minimum voltage frequency that saves a huge amount of energy consumption. 


Automatic Air Curtain:

Nowadays, people largely prefer automatic air curtains. They have an in-built sensor that starts automatically when it detects dirt and air pollutants. It makes less noise as compared to the manual ones. This one also has a remote facility so that you don’t have to turn on or off the switch frequently. You can make use of the remote while sitting at your place. It usually has 3 to 4 blowers and two motors that help it to work efficiently. 


Benefits of Installing Air Curtains

  • The most important benefit of mounting the air curtain at your home or office makes you stay healthy. 
  • It provides cool and fresh air inside the room by extracting all the dust and tiny particles.
  • It also helps to keep away insects, mosquitoes, and bad odour. 
  • It keeps the atmosphere clean and the environment remains healthy.  
  • Some of them have automatic sensors that detect germs and bacteria and start working as soon as anyone enters the place.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the well-known air curtain manufacturers and suppliers. Dolphy bring you awesome range of durable automatic air curtain in India. Our warehouse has wide range of air curtain collection which is available for ready to dispatched. Along with this we also have many other necessary products such as soap dispensers, hand dryer, sensor taps, fogger machine, etc. We are trusted for our superior quality products and efficient services. If you are willing to buy the products at reasonable prices in India then do check our collection and get the most favorable things. 



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  1. Keeps the atmosphere around you hygienic and healthy
  2. Shield to avoid airborne dust, pollution and bad odours
  3. Shield to avoid airborne dust, pollution and bad odours
  4. It has the quality of Pest and insect control
  5. Energy Saving
  6. Works as an obstacle against fire smoke
  7. Decreases the CO2 emissions
  8. Entrance areas remain climate protected
  9. Elegant and compact

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