Air Curtain

The greatest thing to keep your surroundings tidy and clean is air curtains from Dolphy. You are protected from bacteria & filth by a/c curtains doors. If you want inexpensive air curtains, you may purchase them from Dolphy online.

Air Curtain

White metal air curtain with single phase
Air Curtain With Single Phase
(MS Powder Coated)
Stainless Steel Air curtain Single Phase
High Speed air curtain
(Stainless Steel)
ABS Sensor Air Curtains With Remote Control
Air Curtains With Remote Control
Ceiling mounted air curtain with on off switch
Ceiling mounted Air Curtain
(MS Powder Coated)
Silver high speed air curtain
Commercial industrial Air Curtain
(MS Powder Coated)

Air curtains : Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene requires air curtains, especially air conditioning doorway curtains. When installed above entrances, they provide an imperceptible barrier that efficiently keeps bacteria and germs out. They turn on as the door opens to quickly remove particles while also controlling dust, air pollutants, and bad smells. Air curtains, essential for maintaining clean and fresh air, are frequently used in businesses, shopping centers, airports, and hospitals. They are helpful for those with respiratory problems and improve overall safety and cleanliness in both commercial and non-commercial places.

Collection of Air Curtains

You may find an extensive choice of air curtains at our website, all of which are offered at affordable, special prices.The goods are constructed from long-lasting materials to improve your quality of life. Here are some of our air curtain product lines so you can choose the best one.

Stainless Steel Air Curtain.

Ceiling Mounted Air Curtain.

Industrial Air Curtain.

Automatic Air Curtain.


The Benefits of Using Air Curtains

  • The most important benefit of mounting the air curtain at your home or office makes you stay healthy. 
  • It provides cool and fresh air inside the room by extracting all the dust and tiny particles.
  • It also helps to keep away insects, mosquitoes, and bad odour. 
  • It keeps the atmosphere clean and the environment remains healthy.  
  • Some of them have automatic sensors that detect germs and bacteria and start working as soon as anyone enters the place.

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  1. Keeps the atmosphere around you hygienic and healthy
  2. Shield to avoid airborne dust, pollution and bad odours
  3. Shield to avoid airborne dust, pollution and bad odours
  4. It has the quality of Pest and insect control
  5. Energy Saving
  6. Works as an obstacle against fire smoke
  7. Decreases the CO2 emissions
  8. Entrance areas remain climate protected
  9. Elegant and compact

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