Sole Cleaning Machine

Sole Cleaning Machine is the perfect machine to keep your sole clean and tidy. Shoe Sole cleaning keeps your sole away from dirty & dust. Sole cleaning can be used for hotel, home, office, factory, Bio Lab, Malls,

Sole Cleaning Machine

Silver sole cleaning machine with auto start
Silver sole cleaning machine with auto start
Electrical Sole Cleaning Machine With Drain
Electrical Sole Cleaning Machine With Drain

To keep the surroundings clean and tidy we clean it manier times in a day. But what if we use a product or device that maintains hygiene and we don’t need to clean it again and again. The sole cleaning machine can help you with this. Installing it near the main door of your house, office, malls, hotels or any other places will keep the place tidy and healthy. It is an easy and effective way to clean your shoes sole withouse water, soap or any other ingredient. The machine has an absorbent mat that cleans the sole without any efforts. 

Sole Cleaning Machine at Dolphy

At our online store you will come across a wide range of shoe sole cleaning machines with an innovative design and specialized technology. It is a sensor auto-start machine that helps you clean your sole in just a few seconds. The product is made of stainless steel that makes it a durable one and works on electricity. This automatic sole cleaning machine automatically cuts off after 10-12 seconds as soon as you come down off it. This eco-friendly and energy-efficient machine reduces the risk of contamination and keeps the environment clean. The machine is a symbol of hygiene that is perfect for hospitals, industries, factories and other high traffic places.

Why to Choose Shoe Cleaning Machine

The automatic shoe sole cleaning machine is far better than the old techniques and process of swabbing the shoe. It provides a touchless usage that is less time-consuming and more effective. The machine works on modern technology having automatic sensors that turn on when you need it and turns off when not in use. It works on electricity and can be cleaned manually whenever required. The machine has one soft and one hard sole cleaner that can remove the dirt from the sole. It takes out all the dirt, mud, and dust from your sole. The machine has brush belts that run silently in the counter direction that washes and cleans the sole safely. The sole cleaning and sanitizing machine makes less noise while working. You just need to install it at the right place and use it before entering the premises. 

Effective Features of the Machine

There are a number of benefits of choosing a sole cleaning machine and many characteristics that make it an appropriate product. 

  • It is perfect for high-traffic areas such as hospitals, offices, and other enterprises that require a clean environment.
  • The machine has cleaning grills that move clockwise with cylinder cores under which the motor drives. 
  • The grills on the machine clean the sole by rotating in the required direction especially clockwise.
  • The machine even has a feature of incoming clean water which the motor pumps to clean the shoe. 
  • Soft foam is provided ahead of the grills so that you can dry your shoes and walk forward without any hesitation.
  • It provides improved cleanliness by reducing the cost of cleanliness in the place and premises. 
  • This electrical machine has an auto button drain and is made from stainless steel that makes it a durable product. 
  • Its sensor start button makes it a worthy product to buy for your home or office providing an ideal use. 

Advantages of Sole Cleaning Machine 

There are certain advantages of choosing a cleaning machine and the first one is time. The product saves your time and cleans your shoes in just a few seconds making it an effective and eligible product. The second thing is that it is preferable for each and every place that can be used by children and adults. It cleans as well as washes the sole with a water supply pipe and drain making it even more relevant.

Why Choose Us?

We are the trusted shoe sole cleaning machine manufacturer from India and even the suppliers worldwide. You get different products at our website at an affordable and discounted rate that gives you an opportunity to buy the products in bulk. This machine can be purchased in bulk for your hotels or factories and can be used whenever needed. Just install it near the door so that people use it before entering the place to maintain hygiene and cleanliness there. We provide you the facility to pay for the product by any of the online payment mode as per your convenience. We also have shoe shining machineshoe cover machine.