Baby Changing Station

Baby changing station is the perfect place to change baby diapers & clothes. You can Wall mounted Baby diaper changing station and use it. Baby changing station used for home, Hospital & baby care places.

Baby Diaper Changing Station

Wall Mounted Baby Diaper Changing Station
HDPE Baby Diaper Changing Station
White HDPE baby changing station 25kg
Baby Diaper Changing Station
Silver matt finish baby changing station 25kgs
Baby Diaper Changing Station
Stainless Steel Recessed Mounted Matt Finish Baby Changing Station
S S Baby Changing Station
(Recessed Mount)
Gray baby safety seat 20kg capacity
Baby Safety Seat

Nowadays a number of places such as hospitals, airports, and malls give relief to mothers when they need to change their baby's diaper or clothes. It is a wall-mounted product that can be used when necessary and can be folded when not in use. They have some convenient and eligible features so that the babies do not get any harm when they are seated in it. The surface has a soft mat that gives babies a comfortable feel. It has certain boxes and shelves that are used to keep the required accessories in it.

At Dolphy, you will find a range of baby diaper changing stations that are manufactured with an antimicrobial agent that inhibits stain and odor-causing bacteria. It is a one-hand opening and closing product and is equipped with safety belts that secure babies while changing diapers. They are made of different materials and have a number of features. A lot of guestrooms today have sanitary pad disposal machine which is also used to throw nappies of babies.

Baby Changing Station Manufacturer & Supplier in India

You get the best baby changing station in India at our online store. They are available at a low and affordable price here. You need to choose the desired one and buy it from anywhere in the globe. We are one of the well-known and trusted suppliers and manufacturer of charging stations and other products as well that has now become a daily necessity for everyone. You can easily choose the desired one and pay for it at your convenience.

Here you will come across different baby changing stations for bathrooms that are easy to use and manage. Listed below are some of them.

Baby Diaper Changing Table

We also have a high-quality baby diaper changing table that is designed for your own comfort and relaxation. You can get some rest by making you babysit on the table and secure them with the belt provided on it that reduces the risk of danger. It is a wall-mounted seat that can carry a maximum of 20kg weight.

Wall-mounted Baby Changing Station

As the product is wall-mounted it saves space. It can be opened when you need to use it and can be closed when not in use. It is made with higher safety and convenient features making it an eligible product. This clean, easy and safe Mothercare station has two built-in hooks that provide ready access to mothers.

Stainless Steel Changing Station

The matte finish stainless steel baby diaper changing station are most commonly found in malls, hospitals, and public restrooms. As they are made of the durable and long-lasting material that gives it maximum life-span. It is a one-hand operated product that can carry a maximum of 25 kg of load. For enhanced safety, there are sensor water tap for wash basin which is very common these days.

Recessed Baby Changing Station

Other than stainless steel we also have a baby nappy changing station made of high-density polyethylene material that can be used for homes and other places. It has a diaper bag that is used to keep the diapers and use it whenever needed. It is highly favorable for public areas. You can use tissues or Hand Dryer for yourself.

Features of Baby Changing Station

Here are some of the favorable and advantageous characteristics of baby diaper changing stations.

  • The product is combined with higher safety, health and hygiene, and convenient features.
  • It is made with an antimicrobial agent that inhibits odor and stain-causing bacteria.
  • It is equipped with safety belts that secure the baby while you are changing the diaper.
  • It is wall mounted with diaper bag hooks and storage boxes.
  • They are recommended for shopping malls, hospitals, kindergarten and other public places.
  • They are one-hand operated with a sleek design that is easy to manage and use.
  • It can carry up to 25kgs of weight at a time.