Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Tissue Paper Holder Manufacturer From Dolphy is a small device used in washrooms and toilets that gives out paper while using the washroom. Toilet paper dispenser is small and can be used for public places, hotels, malls, Washroom gleams.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

Manual Silver Paper Dispenser Roll  SS 304
Manual Silver Dispenser
(Stainless Steel)
White Toilet Paper Dispenser With Manual
White Toilet Paper
(ABS Material)
Black toilet paper dispenser jumbo roll
Jumbo Roll Dispenser
(ABS Material)
Manual Toilet Tissue Paper Holder With Mobile Stand
Tissue Paper Holder
(With Mobile Stand)
Twin toilet paper dispenser holder with mobile stand
Twin Toilet Paper Holder
(With Mobile Stand)
Twin recessed toilet paper dispenser holder
Twin Toilet Paper Holder
(Recessed Mount)
Silver Manual Toilet Tissue Paper Holder
Silver Tissue Paper Holder
(Recessed Mount)
Silver Toilet Paper Dispenser wall mounted
Toilet Paper Holder
(Stainless Steel)
304 Stainless Steel Robe Hook
Twin Robe Hook
(Coat Hook)

Toilet paper holders might seem unassuming bathroom accessories, yet their importance cannot be overstated. While their primary function may be keeping toilet paper within easy reach, their beauty and organization capabilities make an invaluable addition.

Toilet Paper Holder

At Dolphy you will come across a collection of different types of toilet paper dispenser box in different shapes, sizes and designs with an easy-to-use modern technology. The unique and stylish design of the dispenser makes it look immensely attractive and the common black, white and silver colors match with every type of washroom interior. The list of dispensers that you find here are hardly available at any other online store and even the prices are affordable.

Toilet Tissue Paper Holder

We even have a range of lightweight plastic dispensers with anti-dust property and jumbo size that makes it favorable to use in high traffic areas. It's black color and matte finish make it a perfectly admirable product that is suitable for every place including home and workplaces. You just need to mount it at the right place. Dolphy's wide collection of washroom automation products like health faucet have exclusive designs.

Toilet Paper Roll Holder

For a perfect shimmer and shine you can opt for the stainless steel dispenser that is durable and long-lasting with a perfect design and capacity. It can hold the jumbo toilet paper roll with a diameter of upto 22 cm. This manually operated product has a round shape that makes it convenient to hold the roll at the right place.

Toilet Paper Dispenser

The small and convenient toilet paper dispenser is an effective product to use in your washrooms and toilets. The dispenser is wall-mounted and is preferable for commercial as well as non-commercial places. Made of durable quality with long-lasting materials the paper dispenser serves as an effective one making your washrooms gleam with sophisticated looks. They are one of the necessary products nowadays that are favorable for your home, hotels, malls and public toilets as well. They take less space and can be easily mounted on the wall making it eligible to use.

Toilet paper Holder Manufacturer & Supplier in India

The range of washroom toilet accessories that we provide you are perfect to make your restrooms more reliable. Each and every product is made from premium quality material so that our customers get a better experience. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of washroom automation, covid accessories, industrial entrance solution and hotel amenities worldwide. We are available 24/7 for our customers and always dispatch them the right product without any defects and errors. You can buy each and everything at low and reasonable prices from our online store and make your washrooms more pertinent. We also have a useful bathroom gadget called aerosol dispenser which is a great thing. You can check out dolphy for more collections.

Wall Mounted Toilet paper Dispenser

The automatic toilet paper dispenser made from a durable and thick ABS material is perfect to mount on the wall and reload the roll when it is over. We have them in small and large sizes that can be used for commercial purposes and can be used effectively. Some curves and detailings of the product gives it an interesting appeal.

Mirror Finish Toilet Paper Dispenser

You will even come across a sterling mirror finish dispenser with a front mirror finishing that makes it immensely attractive. This one will give a perfect glow to your washroom and elevate your personality. This one is also a large-size paper dispenser that is preferable for high traffic areas as well.

We even have a toilet seat cover dispenser at our store made of stainless steel with a capacity of 250 seat covers that is manually operated and is easy to use. It's shiny and smooth texture makes it a perfect device that improves the beauty of your washrooms and makes it look more delightful.

Features of Toilet Paper Dispenser

The sleek designed toilet paper dispenser has some competent features that makes it a worth buying product.

  • They are made of strong and durable materials such as stainless steel and ABS plastic.
  • They have a perfect shimmer and smooth texture making them suitable for every place.
  • You can get a stainless steel jumbo toilet paper dispenser or the small and relevant one.
  • You can opt for the smaller or larger one depending on the place and traffic.
  • They have a convenient diameter that makes it easier to use and load the rolls of paper.
  • This manually operated device is found in different colors that can be selected as per your choice.
  • They are easy to install, manage and clean whenever needed and the rolls can be reloaded when necessary.