Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hand sanitizer dispenser by Dolphy is the easiest way to sanitize your hands. Automatic sanitizer dispenser disinfect all virus from your hand within few seconds. All of this hand sanitizing machine is made up of high-quality material.

Sanitizer Dispenser

1L White Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Wall Mounted
1L Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
(Suitable For -IPA Spray Liquid)
White automatic hand sanitizer dispenser spray
White automatic hand sanitizer dispenser spray
(Suitable For -IPA Spray Liquid)
Wall Mounted  Stainless Steel IPA Dispenser 1100 ML
Wall Mounted Stainless Steel IPA Dispenser 1100 ML
(Suitable For -IPA Spray Liquid)
Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Automatic 1800 ML
Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Automatic 1800 ML
(Suitable For -IPA Spray Liquid)
White automatic hand sanitizer dispenser 2800ml
White automatic hand sanitizer dispenser 2800ml
(Suitable For -IPA Spray Liquid)
Silver automatic soap dispenser with matt  finish
S S Automatic Dispenser
(Suitable For-Liquid Soap)
Automatic 700 Ml Soap Dispenser Stainless Steel
700 Ml Soap Dispenser
(Suitable For-Liquid Soap)
White automatic hand sanitizer dispenser 1100ml
1100ml sanitizer dispenser
(Battery Operated)
1L Hand sanitizer Dispenser Wall mounted
Wall mounted Dispenser
(Electrical + Battery)
Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser With Tray
ABS Wall Mounted Dispenser
(Battery Operated)

Whole world is suffering and worried about covid 19. Lot of countries have put lock down and a lot of people have lost their jobs. When we talk about India then it is one country with the highest population and chances of spreading corona virus because of dense population. Lockdown is one temporary solution to avoid spearing of virus but lockdown cannot be permanent as falling of economy will cause more problems. Taking all this into consideration, the government has given some relaxation and we can see business is getting started.

Sanitizer dispensers are an indispensable part of our fast-paced world where maintaining hygiene is of the utmost importance, offering us a quick and easy solution to keep hands germ-free - especially in high traffic areas such as offices, malls and healthcare facilities. There are also acrylic bathroom accessories availabe at Dolphy India.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hand sanitizer dispensers offer one of the main advantages of modern hygiene solutions - their convenience! By just waving or touching them, these touch-free devices dispense just the right amount of sanitizer without direct contact, thus protecting against cross-contamination risk in public settings. Dolphy is here to help you and we are glad to let you know that we have launched a hand sanitizer dispenser which is automatic and can be wall mounted. You can buy dock stations from Dolphy for office and home use.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Dolphy is a leading hand sanitizer dispenser manufacturer, supplier and exporter from India. They have offices all across India and worldwide. Our offices are located in Surat, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Goa, Kochi. Goa etc. Selecting our Hand Sanitizer Dispenser represents more than just an investment; it symbolizes safety and trust. Our manufacturing process emphasizes eco-conscious practices without sacrificing product quality.

Why do you need a hand sanitizer dispenser?

Since your business has got open then obviously your team would come from outside and you can get an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser installed on your gate so that whoever walks in, can sanitize their hands. Many hotels and offices have liquid soap dispensers instead of sanitizer dispenser. This is perfect use when large number of people comes and suitable for hotels, office, railway station, industries and many more.

Features of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Wall Mounted: This hand sanitizer dispenser is wall-mounted and can easily be fixed on any wall. You can get this installed right at entry gate and any place which is suitable
  • Automatic: Yes you have heard right, It completely touch free sensor based.
  • Wholesale Price: Prices that we have is comparatively low compared to our competitor.
  • Durable: Dolphy make sure that all our product are durable and longer lasting. We assure you that you not face any problem and in case you find any problem in product, then we do have super best customer service team support you.
  • Trusted Company: We have our scattered all around India and globally. Lot of clients have trusted like Hyatt, Radisson, Ramada so you can be assured about quality

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