Urinal Sensor

Urinal Flusher from Dolphy is a perfect product to keep your restrooms & bathroom clean and hygienic. Automatic urinal flusher saves a lot of water & keeps your hands hygiene.


 automatic urinal flusher with sensor
Automatic Urinal Flusher
(Electrical + Battery)
Recessed Mount Dual Operation Urinal Flusher
Recessed Mount Flusher
(Electrical + Battery)
Silver Wall Mount Urinal Flusher Electrical
Wall Mount Flusher
(Electrical + Battery)
Silver automatic urinal flusher with sensor
Automatic Urinal Flusher
(Electrical + Battery)
Black Automatic Urinal Flusher Wall Mounted
Black Automatic Flusher
(Electrical + Battery)


Ceramic Material Wall Mount Bracket Dual Operation Urinal Flusher
Urinal With Inbuilt Flusher
(Electrical + Battery)
Silver urinal flusher with infrared sensor
Silver Urinal Flusher
(Battery Operated)


 Two function urinal flusher with sensor
Two Function Flusher
(Electrical + Battery)
Two function urinal flusher with sensor
Two Function Flusher
(Electrical + Battery)

Urinal flushers play an essential role in maintaining hygiene and conserving water resources in public restrooms, reflecting advances in technology as well as an increasing focus on sustainable practices. Over the years, their designs have experienced substantial transformation due to advances in sustainable practices.

Urinal Sensor Price

The price of this sensor-based stainless steel urinal flusher is worth the hype and money. Its sleek and simple design makes it an elegant product. You don't need to put any special effort to use the flusher. It is made with smart and intelligent technology that controls wastage of water and provides effective functioning. It flushes at regular intervals that protects the equipment.

Urinal Sensor Online

The automatic urinal flusher saves water and uses the required amount when needed without wasting water. The flushers that you find here are made of stainless steel with a shiny silver appeal that gives the place an adoring look. They can be used manually and even have automatic sensors that makes it a more convenient product. You can buy it at a low and affordable price. We at Dolphy provide you a range of electronic urinal flushes that are suitable for hotels, hospitals, airports and public toilets. Our wide collection of sensor taps is also the exclusive range.

Automatic Urinal Sensor

To keep your restrooms and bathrooms clean and hygienic you can use a number of different products. The automatic and sensor-based products are easy and effective to use giving your bathrooms an attractive appearance. The touch-free features help to maintain hygiene in the surrounding. They are found in different shapes and designs with intelligent technology and low power consumption.

Urinal Sensor Manufacturer & Supplier in India

We are one of the leading and trusted manufacturer of urinal flushers and other washroom automation that can be purchased at cheap prices from our online store. If you need them in huge quantities for your hotels and spas then you can easily buy them from here. and automatic soap dispenser for washroom automation. The products that we provide are made of premium quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. You can buy it from any corner of the globe as we are the supplier worldwide. Just choose your desired product and get it at your doorsteps at the allotted time.

Automatic Toilet Flusher- Exposed

It is a self-flush unit with a self-adjust detection zone that needs no manual adjustments. It runs on a battery or can be used electrically as per convenience. The urinal flush sensor detects when someone arrives near it and turns on automatically once the toilet has been used. It even helps to avoid foul odor.

Urinal Sensor Recessed

This wall-mounted pre and post auto flush has an infra-red sensor and provides adequate water pressure. This one operates in two stages, it pre flushes for two seconds when someone approaches near the toilet and once again after the toilet has been used. It helps in maintaining proper sanitation. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser are also available at washrooms, public toilets etc.

Sensor Dual-function Flusher

You can even opt for a two function toilet flush that can be used manually or automatically as per one’s choice. They are favorable for your bathrooms and help you to save electricity. You can adjust the water level and delay the time as per your requirements for a more eligible and precise use.

Automatic WC Toilet Flusher

Automatic WC Flushers represent cutting-edge innovations in hygiene and water conservation, revolutionizing restroom experiences while showing commitment to creating a cleaner world and sustainable future. Their integration into public facilities, offices and homes not only simplifies restroom experiences but also demonstrates your dedication to protecting the planet.

Advanages of using Urinal Sensor

The sensor-based flush is more appropriate to use as it has certain advantages and eligible characteristics.

  • It is a touch-free automatic device that makes it an ideal product to use.
  • The sensor starts to work as soon as someone goes near it.
  • It is favorable for commercial as well as non-commercial places that help to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
  • They are water-saving and low power consumption products that make them more effective as compared to manual ones.
  • It helps in maintaining sanitation and keeps the area germs free.
  • They are wall-mounted and battery operated with an infra-red sensor.
  • They use adequate water pressure and help to avoid foul odor from your restrooms and bathrooms.