Self Closing taps is a perfect product for public toilet places where taps are closed automatically. Self closing taps keeps your hands hygiene & safe.


Counter mount self closing sensor tap for basin sink
Counter mount self closing sensor tap for basin sink
(Self Closing Counter Mount)
Silver self-closing sensor tap for basin
Silver self-closing sensor tap for basin
(Self Closing Wall Mount)

Self Closing Manual Taps

Today's rapidly evolving world demands sustainable and conservation-minded solutions that combine technology and practicality, such as the self-closing manual tap. This simple yet brilliant device has revolutionized how water is used - particularly in public spaces where conservation efforts must take priority. You can also find sensor tap at Dolphy India.

Self-closing manual taps work on an easy principle: after a certain period, typically several seconds, of usage they shut off automatically to cut off water flow. Self-closing manual taps offer numerous environmental advantages, particularly their positive effect on water usage. By restricting usage to only what is necessary, they help minimize wastage across countless taps in public settings - creating significant cost savings in doing so.

User-friendly systems require no complex instructions to operate and are especially beneficial in high foot traffic areas. In addition, they help promote hygiene by limiting direct contact, helping stop diseases spreading easily in public restrooms. As we move toward an age where every drop counts, these taps represent human ingenuity - making a tangible impactful difference with every drop that flows through them.

Self Closing Tap Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Dolphy takes great pride in creating self-closing manual taps designed to save water efficiently. These taps feature mechanisms that automatically shut off after use to avoid wasteful wastage. By purchasing our taps, not only are you investing in quality but you are contributing towards water conservation efforts as well. We are the top manufacturer and supplier of manual taps in India as quality and safety are of utmost importance in our manufacturing process.We also sell wall mounted hair dryer at affordable prices.