Clean Room Sticky Mat

Clean Room Sticky Mat from dolphy is the best mat that removes contaminants from footwear and wheeled carts. Clean room sticky mat can be used for offices, commercial use, or home.

Clean Room Sticky Mat

Blue clean room sticky mat non-slip film
Blue clean room sticky mat non-slip film

The sticky mat is also known as a cleanroom mat or a tacky mat having an adhesive surface that is placed at the entrances and exits of certain workplaces that removes containments from the bottoms of the footwear and wheeled carts such as hand trucks. They are most commonly used at construction sites and some other hazardous places. The mats can be temporary or permanent. The permanent ones are made of polyester, polymer or polyvinyl chloride and the temporary ones are made of a stack of adhesive plastic film layers that can be periodically peeled off or discarded. After peeling off the mat you need to wash and clean the surface with clean water and detergent to remove the stickiness.

Sticky Mat Collection at Dolphy

Here you will find the most adequate disposable sticky mat that can be applied at a number of different places including commercial and non-commercial places. This non-toxic clean film adhesive layered mat captures the dust and dirt from the shoes. You just need to clean the surface properly where you are willing to apply the mat. Clean the floor, let it dry and then stick the mat on it so that it holds a firm grip on the surface. Apart from keeping the environment clean it also gives a precise and ideal look to your home or workplace wherever you apply them. Dolphy also has ironing board for home and hotel use.

Anti-slip Sticky Mat for Home

You can buy the cleanroom anti-slip sticky mat for your home at a low and affordable price from our online store. The mat is made of a polyethylene film material having a thickness of 3.2 microns. It has 30 layer sheets and can be applied at bathrooms and rooms to provide an antibacterial surrounding. It can be placed on tiles or any other surface that are smooth or a bit rough. Its blue color makes it eligible for every place. It is a perfect dust control device that removes dust contaminants from the sole of shoes and trolley wheels before entering the place.

Permanent Mats for Workplaces

The permanent ones usually made of synthetic plastic polymer is a durable mat that is largely used in industries and factories. These mats do not come off easily and are eligible to use for approximately five to six months. They reduce the risk of taking dirt particles to the surrounding. Some of the workplaces where delicate work is done such as medical firms and chemical industries largely prefer permanent sticky mats as it helps to maintain cleanliness in the surrounding. The sticky mat for the cleanroom is placed outside the entrance so that when someone enters the place they first clean their shoes and then enter inside. Buy Room Dustbins at Dolphy at great prices.

Advantages of Sticky Mat

The cleanroom sticky mat has numerous advantages that make it an appropriate product for each and every place. Listed below are some of them.

  • The main advantage is that it keeps the place neat and tidy reducing the risk of germs and bacteria.
  • Another thing is that you can reduce the cost of maintaining the cleanliness of the floor and save energy.
  • They are made of a polyethylene film material giving a smooth and clean effect to the floor.
  • It has a non-slip and sticky-dust function that makes it one of the most appropriate products.
  • They are easy to apply and can be taken off whenever you feel that it is torn or has become very dirty.
  • The mats are usually made of polyester or polyvinyl-chloride based material or polymer making it durable and long-lasting.
  • The adhesive plastic film surfaces stick properly to the floor so that it makes a firm appearance at the floor.

Why Choose Us?

You will come across different types of entrance solutions, washroom automation and hotel amenities that are favorable for daily purpose and have even become the necessity of today’s world. They help to maintain cleanliness in the surroundings keeping them germs and bacteria-free. The cleanroom sticky mats that you find here are available at a low and cheap price and you can buy them in bulk for your office or home and use them effectively as required. You can also get another mat like aluminium floor mat, Anti fatigue industrial mat