Hand Dryer

We are the largest Hand Dryer manufacturers & supplier in India. Hand dryer from Dolphy is a perfect product to keep your hands dry and safe. Automatic hand dryers are perfect to dry your hands faster and easily. Jet Hand dryer can be used for bathroom, Hotel, Malls, and washrooms.


Stainless Steel hand dryer with brush motor
S S Jet Hand Dryer
(Brush Motor)
Waterproof hand dryer with brushless motor
S S Jet Hand Dryer
(Brushless Motor)
White jet hand dryer with brushless motor
Jet Hand Dryer
(Brushless Motor)
White High-Grade ABS Hand Dryer With Touch Free
Jet Hand Dryer
(Brush Motor)
White touch free jet hand dryer with auto cut-off
High Speed ABS
(Brushless Motor)
Silver 2 in 1 hand dryer with water tap
2 In 1 Air Tap
(Hand Dryer+Sensor Tap)
2 in 1 Design Automatic Hand Washing And Drying Tap Hand Dryer
High Speed Hand Dryer
(Hand Dryer+Sensor Tap)
3 in 1 Design Automatic Hand dryer, Tap And Foam Dispenser
3 In 1 Air Tap
(Hand Dryer+Sensor Tap+Soap Dispenser)
Stainless Steel Recessed Panel Touch-Free Infra Red
High Speed Recessed Dryer
(Recessed Hand Dryer)


700W Stainless Steel Compact Hand Dryer
Slim Hand Dryer
(Stainless Steel)
ABS High Speed Dryer
High Speed Hand Dryer
(ABS Material)
Wall mount 800W Stainless Steel High Speed Dryer
Stainless Steel Dryer
(S S+Brushless Motor)
Black 1100W High Grade ABS Hand Dryer with Touchless Sensor
High Grade ABS Dryer
(ABS Material)
HEPA Filter Silver Stainless Steel 1100 W Touch Free Hand Dryer
Silver Hand Dryer
(Stainless Steel)
Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer
Ultra Slim Hand Dryer
(Stainless Steel)
Silver Hand dryer with brushless motor
Silver Hand Dryer
(S S+Brushless Motor)
White small hand dryer with HEPA filter
Small Hand Dryer
(ABS Material)
Touch Free Hand dryer With Infra-red activation
Air Blade Jet Hand Dryer
(ABS Material)
Touch free hand dryer with brush motor
White Air Blade Hand Dryer
(ABS Material)
Silver compact hand dryer with brush motor
Silver Compact Dryer
(Stainless Steel)
304 Stainless Steel Hand Dryer High Speed
High Speed Hand Dryer
(Stainless Steel)


1800W  White Hand Dryer High-Grade ABS
High Grade ABS Dryer
(ABS Material)
Black hot and cold waves hand dryer 1800W
ABS Basic Hand Dryer
(ABS Material)
Wall Mounted Automatic ABS Hand Dryer
Compact Hand Dryer
(ABS Material)

Improve Your Hand Drying Experience in India with Dolphy's Hand Dryers! Our hand dryers are the height of effectiveness and cleanliness, flawlessly fusing cutting-edge technology with modern design. With our powerful airflow and adjustable settings, enjoy blazing-fast hand drying in a matter of seconds. Rather of using unnecessary paper towels, say no to them and help us in promoting sustainability. Whether it's a busy commercial hub or a cozy restroom, our hand dryers are adaptable and fit in without a hassle. At Dolphy, we place a high priority on energy efficiency, designing dryers with low power requirements yet exceptional performance. Dolphy's Hand Dryers offers top-notch quality, durability, and unfailing dependability, all of which are supported by our unflinching commitment to client pleasure. Boost your hand-drying efficiency.;

Washing your hands frequently is very necessary as all the germs and bacteria goes inside the body from your hands. Therefore keeping it clean and germ free is very important. Nowadays viruses and bacterias are spreading very fast, to control it safety and cleanliness is must. So wash your hands and dry it properly to get germ free hands. 

Hand Dryers Collection

Discover a diverse range of hand dryers designed to meet your needs. Crafted from durable, long-lasting materials, these hand dryers are ideal for regular use. Our selection features a variety of sizes and shapes, all equipped with automatic sensors that activate when you approach and deactivate when you're done. We take pride in offering the best hand dryer prices in India, ensuring you can make your purchase with confidence and without any hesitation. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our hand dryers, designed to make your life easier and more hygienic..

Types of Hand Dryers We Have

  • Industrial Jet Hand Dryers
  • Compact Jet Hand Dryers
  • Basic Hand Dryers
  • Two in One Air Tap Hand Dryer
  • Benefits of Hand Dryers:

    Improving Efficiency and Hygiene

    Cost-Efficiency: Ditch recurring costs for tissues and towels. Hand dryers are a one-time purchase that will ultimately save you money. Enhanced Cleanliness: When thrown away carelessly, tissues and towels frequently make a mess. Hand dryers take care of this problem, assisting in maintaining cleanliness. Time-saving: Hand dryers are all about speed. They quickly and efficiently dry your hands, drying them far more quickly than conventional towels and tissues. Touch-Free Technology: Touch-free operation is a hand dryer's defining feature. The user experience is more hygienic and effective by this technology. Hygiene and Durability: Hand dryers are designed to last and uphold strict hygiene standards. They are more environmentally friendly and require less upkeep. Ease of Installation: A primary benefit is easy installation. Hand dryers are a simple addition to any restroom thanks to the accompanying screws and stands that allow for easy mounting. You have the freedom to design an enticing ambience by selecting from a broad variety of forms, patterns, and colors to fit the decor of your restroom. Convenience: Hand dryers improve the usability of bathrooms by offering a rapid and effective hand-drying solution that improves overall cleanliness. Sensor-Based Operation: The user-friendly sensor technology makes sure that hand dryers switch on automatically when necessary and effortlessly shut off, further maximizing energy efficiency and convenience. ;

    Distributors of Online Hand Dryers

    Our online store has the greatest hand dryers available. You have the chance to purchase the products at a discount because we are the manufacturers and suppliers. You can obtain the greatest prices available since we deal directly with our consumers, cutting out any middlemen or retailers. You can make the payment whenever it's convenient for you. At a affordable cost, you can get an air curtain, a hand dryer, and a hand sanitizer dispenser, air curtain at low price.