PVC Strip Curtains

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PVC Strip Curtains

Blue transparent pvc strip curtains 50 meter
Blue transparent pvc strip curtains 50 meter
Yellow pvc strip curtain amber roll
Yellow pvc strip curtain amber roll
Transparent pvc strip curtain for doors
Transparent pvc strip curtain for doors
3 MM Transparent PVC Double Ribbed 50 mtr
3 MM Transparent PVC Double Ribbed 50 mtr

The transparent PVC strip curtains are eligible to keep the room temperature cool. It gives a clear vision allowing the light to pass through the curtains. They can be placed at the entrance doors or can be used to do sections at warehouses, cold storage, and other places. At Dolphy, you will find different colored PVC striped curtains that are used for different purposes. They are made from durable and long-lasting PVC materials having effective broadness and giving an ideal use. You can keep birds, flies, and insects away from the room by making use of the strip curtains.

Range of PVC Curtains at Our Store

You find different types of PVC curtains at our online store. They can be used for different purposes and can be installed at different places according to the need. 

Anti-Static PVC Strip: This plastic strip curtain is available in blue texture that helps to maintain the humidity and temperature of the room. They are easy to use and clean curtains that are used to do partitions in the warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, hotels, etc. They help to improve workplace safety and give privacy to the workers. We also have anti skid tape which is very useful at home or at hotels.You can also use a pvc strip curtain for AC that will keep the surrounding cool for a longer time.

Overlapping PVC Strip: This plastic strip for doors is perfect for low temperature areas. It is made of high-quality PVC material that is flexible and crack resistant. It helps to maintain the temperature and keep the place cool. Its mint green color is more effective to provide a chill cabin. They are more useful for factory entrances and storage areas. 

Double Ribbed PVC Strip: The double ribbed curtain gives better visibility and is more durable giving a glass-like clarity. They are favorable industrial plastic strip curtains that give a clear appearance when heavy machines or tools are taken to one place or another. They are energy-saving and a perfect pollution controller. These pvc strip curtains for schools keeps the atmosphere dust-free and ideal to look at.

Anti-Insect PVC Strip: The yellow plastic strips for doors are ideal for high-traffic areas. They get highlighted from far away, controls air pollution and keeps away insects. The plastic curtains are even helpful in controlling noise. They are easy to install having curved corners that reduce the chances of getting hurt. The color helps in maintaining the room temperature. 

How Does a Strip Curtain Works?

You can buy pvc strip curtains for home or can use it in workplaces and factories. They are easy to manage and use and are more effective as compared to the fabric curtains. You just need to install it on the ceiling of the door by using a hook or a metal strip. It can help to divide places without creating a permanent wall and can help the workers get some space. Mount them at the metal brackets and make the place look effective. They are available in different color shades that help to maintain the coolness of the place.

Advantages of PVC Strip Curtains

There are several advantages of plastic strip curtains, some of them are listed below.

  • They make a partition and give a clear vision that helps to see through the area. 
  • They are more adequate to use as compared to the curtains made from fabrics.
  • The pvc strip curtain door is washable and can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes as well. 
  • They are helpful to maintain privacy among co-workers and employees. 
  • At warehouses and storage areas they can be used to divide the section for food. 
  • In hotels, it is installed to separate the sitting area and the kitchen.
  • Pharma industries and dairy units also make use of PVC strip curtains to manage the medical units.

Distributors of PVC Strip Curtains

You can buy PVC strip curtains online in India at a low and cheap price. We are the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of plastic curtains and deliver them not only in India but worldwide. You can buy the roll and cut it as per the door length for installing it at the places. They are easy to install and you can buy them in just a few clicks from our online store. 

How to Install PVC Curtains

The installation of these curtains is not so complicated. These steps will help you to install them correctly.

  • Measure the area where you are going to install the curtain. 
  • Cut them in the eligible length and pieces that you want.
  • Mount the bracket above the door or window where it is to be installed.
  • Secure the PVC strip curtains on the bracket with some screws properly.
  • Place the strips closer to each other so that no dust enters inside.
  • Your curtains are perfectly installed and ready to use. 

How to Clean PVC Curtains

Cleaning the strip curtains is as easy as it is to install. You don't require much effort to clean those curtains. 

  • It is not necessary that you take off the curtain to clean it. 
  • You can just take a wet cloth and clean the curtains from both sides by rubbing them with the cloth.
  • Wipe it out with a dry cloth so that the spot of water droplets can vanish.
  • If they are dirtier and dusty then take them off and put them in a bucket containing soap water.
  • Let them soak for hours and then clean them with a brush or cloth to remove the dirt.
  • Once they are dry, set them on the bracket as it was.

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