Concealed Cistern

The concealed cisterns are the ones that are hidden behind wall cabinets or behind cabinetry. Only the push-plates and actuation are accessible. The most popular option for a bathroom today is a concealed toilet. This is both visually pleasing and saves space. Hidden sterns are ideal for small bathrooms.

Full Frame Concealed Cistern With Sensor Plate
Full Frame Cistern
(Full Frame With Tank, Piping Accessories & Sensor Plate)
Full Frame Concealed Cistern With Leak Proof Design
Cistern With Leak Proof Design
(Full Frame With Tank & Piping Accessories)
Half Frame Concealed Cistern
Half Frame Cistern
(Half Frame With Tank & Piping Accessories)
No Frame Concealed Cistern
Manual No Frame Cistern
(Tank Without Frame & Piping Accessories)
Dual Flush Plate Chrome Flush Control Plate For Dual Flush Tank
Dual Flush Plate
(Chrome Finish)
Satin Dual Flush Bathroom Push Button For Concealed Cistern Toilet Flushing Plate
Satin Dual Flush Plate
(Matt finish)

Concealed Cistern Tank

A covert cistern is hidden behind the wall in place of the obvious cistern found on most close-coupled toilets. It will also create a more minimalist, tidy atmosphere. This is especially important when space is at a premium. The concealed flushing tank is usually hidden behind walls. Only the toilet is visible. The toilet is hidden, so a maintenance panel must be used to reach it behind a cabinet or wall. Hidden tank toilets are a great addition to any interior design. They increase space and improve cleanliness. Toilet paper Holder grab bar are placed around this.

Concealed Cistern Manufacturer in India

A back-to wall toilet is a great choice for your bathroom. This type of pan can't be used alone. You must use a hidden cistern and flush plate to make it a toilet. You can see how important it is to select the right cistern, as your toilet will be installed behind your wall. Buy from Dolphy as we are the dealers of Top Concealed Cistern manufacturer in India.

Concealed Cistern supplier in India

You still have options if you find that you are limited in space. First, you could look into slimline cisterns which are deeper than standard models. When choosing a hidden cistern, the first thing to consider is what type of flushplate you want. It is important that the flush plate complements your bathroom, as it will be the only thing visible once all the work is completed. In general, you can only select flush plates for a certain cistern. By selecting the plate first, you can proceed in reverse. Dolphy is the top supplier of Concealed Cistern in India

The best choice for small or compact bathrooms. Other cisterns might not fit in these bathrooms because they could cause clutter. Installing a hidden cistern will make your bathroom appear larger and less cluttered. Cisterns can increase the size of your bathroom, and enhance its overall aesthetics. Dolphy is also one of the top Hand Dryer Manufacturer in India and you can also find various other industrial items such as Cable Wire Protector

Benefits of Concealed Cisterns

Noise reduction: The flushing sound of your bathroom is greatly reduced by mounting hidden cisterns inside the wall.

Easy Bathroom Cleaning: A buried cistern makes cleaning your bathroom a breeze. It is easy to clean the area around or below the cisterns. It is installed behind the wall and helps with hygienic upkeep.