Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine

The Sanitary Napkin Disposable is an essential product for every household, commercial establishment, and high-traffic area. It serves multiple purposes, including holding toilet paper, disposing of waste paper, and managing napkin disposal needs. This versatile product ensures convenience and hygiene in various settings, making it a must-have addition for every space.

Sanitary Napkin Disposal

Silver 3 in 1 sanitary napkin disposal for toilet
3 in 1 napkin disposal
(Toilet Paper Holder + Disposable Bag Dispenser + Waste Receptacle)
 Stainless Steel Silver 4 In 1 Sanitary Napkin Disposal For Toilet
4 In 1 Sanitary Disposal
(Toilet Paper Holder + Disposable Bag Dispenser + Waste Receptacle + Sanitary Napkin Dispenser)
Silver sanitary napkin disposal Waste Receptacle
Sanitary Waste Receptacle
Stainless Steel Recessed Sanitary Napkin Disposal
Sanitary Napkin Disposal
Wall Mounted Stainless Steel  2 In 1 Sanitary Napkin Disposal For Toilet
2 In 1 Sanitary Napkin Disposal
(Disposable Bag Dispenser +Sanitary Napkin Dispenser)

The sanitary napkin disposal is a must have product at each and every place. Either it's a high traffic commercial place or your own house keeping this one in your washrooms and restrooms is mandatory. It can be used as a toilet paper holder, waste receptacle and sanitary napkin disposal that helps to maintain the hygiene in restrooms. The product is available in different sizes and shapes that is easy to install and use. They are wall mounted and provide a healthy and eco-friendly environment.

Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine Manufacturer in India

If you are willing to buy the napkin disposals then you can get them from our online store at a low and affordable price. This eligible product is available in different capacities and installation processes making it easy to use. The product that you find here is made from durable and long-lasting material such as ABS plastic and stainless steel with non-corrosive and waterproof characteristics. The sanitary napkin disposal bin can be easily installed with the help of screws and stand available with it.

Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine Supplier in India

One destination and thousands of products at Dolphy you will find a wide collection of washroom automation products, industrial entrance solution and hotel amenities that will complete all your necessities. We have sanitary napkin disposals and room dustbins and many more other products that can be used on a regular basis. You just need to choose the desired product and get it at your doorsteps at the allotted time as we are sanitary napkin disposal supplier in India.

Sanitary Pad Disposal Machine

To maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the environment and to provide relief to ladies the sanitary disposal pads are necessary. It is a wall-mounted product that is an environmentally friendly product that is favourable for commercial and non-commercial places. The disposal has a lid that makes it more efficient to use. At Dolphy you will come across a wide range of pad disposals that have sufficient capacity relevant for public toilets and washrooms for an eligible use. Also you can go through a range of automatic urinal sensor for toilets.

Rectangular Manual Napkin Disposal

The rectangular manual wall-mounted disposal made of stainless steel is a waste receptacle that serves from both sides. This popular collection features all welded construction with a perfect satin finish having a smooth surface. It has a tumbler lock and can be installed at any wall. The unit has a self-closing panel that covers the disposal’s opening making it an ideal product.

Wall-mounted Napkin Disposal

The premium quality stylish slimline stainless steel bin is perfect for malls and office premises. This sleek design bin can hold upto 16 liters of waste. It is suitable for any environment and is a space saver that is easy to clean and manage. The disposal is ideal for high traffic areas such as airports, resorts, stadiums and malls. This attractive and durable product is just perfect to use for every place.

Flap Swing Bin

The small and convenient round flap swing bin is more desirable for commercial purpose. The round design reflects an alluring personality to your place. It is a type of table counter top bin that can be placed near the basin table for a precise use. It is a space saver that hides dirty garbage under the desk with a flip flop lid. This flxible bin is embedded with a balance cover for proper use. To collect garbage, smart dustbin are placed in public washrooms and guestrooms.

Premium Sanitary Napkin Disposal

The 25 liters premium sanitary disposal is immensely favorable for high traffic areas such as hospitals and malls. It’s sleek design and white black color combination makes it a perfect environment-friendly design. It has a durable design and is easy to clean with the facility of changing the bin liners. It is a modern requirement with modern features and advantages giving an unfeasible usage.

Features of Napkin Disposal Machine
  • It is an eco-friendly and non-corrosive product that is used on a huge basis nowadays.
  • It is a wall-mounted product with a satin finish and smooth surface that is made of stainless steel and other durable material.
  • The napkin disposal is suitable for home, malls, offices, hospitals and other places.
  • It has a lock and is safe to use with a lid that maintains cleanliness in the restrooms.
  • The disposal can be mounted in the wall or the swing bin can be installed at the table desk that saves space.