Tissue Paper Dispenser

Welcome to our Paper Dispenser collection, where you'll find a wide range of options to suit your needs. We specialize in both automatic and manual dispensers for various paper products. Browse our online store to discover:


Silver Stainless Steel Paper dispenser Manual
Silver Stainless Dispenser
(Stainless Steel)
Silver Stainless Steel Paper Dispenser Manual C Fold
Silver Paper Dispenser
(Stainless Steel)
ABS Multifold Tissue Paper Dispenser Manual
Multifold Tissue Dispenser
(ABS Material)
Black C Fold / M Fold paper dispenser for 500 tissues
Black Paper Dispenser
(ABS Material)
White Multifold Mini Paper Dispenser ABS Material
Multifold Paper Dispenser
(ABS Material)
Silver manual paper dispenser C fold
Manual Paper Dispenser
(Behind Mirror)
Silver Stainless Steel Recessed Panel With Paper Dispenser
S S Paper Dispenser
(Paper Dispenser)


Stainless Steel Auto Roll Towel Dispenser
Exposed Auto Roll Dispenser
(Electrical + Battery)
Stainless Steel Recessed Auto Roll Towel Dispenser
Recessed Auto Roll Dispenser
(Electrical + Battery)
Black automatic HRT roll for wash basin area
Automatic HRT Roll Dispenser
(Electrical + Battery)
Auto Cut HRT Roll Dispenser
HRT Roll Dispenser
Wall Mounted ABS Plastic Paper Dispenser With  Auto Cut
ABS Plastic Paper Dispenser
White paper dispenser with window indicator
White paper dispenser


Silver glass paper dispenser with level window
Glass Paper Dispenser
(Stainless Steel)

Napkin Dispenser Machine

Our bestseller, the paper napkin dispenser machine, is crafted from durable ABS material and accommodates C and M type paper folds with a two-packet paper capacity. Versatile in its application, it can be wall-mounted or placed conveniently near the basin, offering enhanced functionality and convenience.

Paper dispenser are an invaluable convenience, enabling users to retrieve fresh and clean pieces of paper without touching the rest of the roll - an integral component of public restroom hygiene protocols. Furthermore, refilling these dispensers makes maintenance simpler for janitorial staff while guaranteeing a steady supply of paper products.

Paper Dispenser

Simply placing a paper dispenser close to the sink, you may improve the dependability and cleanliness of your bathrooms. Our user-friendly tool offers an effective way to dry hands and is not only simple to install. Tissues, unlike conventional towels, don't accumulate germs and bacteria because they are only used once and aren't handled frequently. We suggest our Multifold Mini Paper Dispenser for high-traffic places including shopping centers, office buildings, schools, and industrial sites. It is constructed to effectively handle the steady stream of tourists.

Paper Towel Dispenser

Modern hygiene makes hygiene essential, and paper dispensers have become indispensable devices in many public and private spaces alike. These intelligent yet eco-friendly dispensers provide an easy, eco-friendly method of paper towel, tissue, or toilet paper dispenser - whether in restaurants, offices, hospitals or homes they play a pivotal role in maintaining cleanliness while supporting positive health practices.

Napkin Dispenser

Dolphy takes pleasure in providing a broad selection of paper napkin dispensers in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, including the traditional black and white. Our products are built to last thanks to the use of premium components like ABS plastic and stainless steel. Our HRT paper roll dispenser, made of strong ABS plastic, is simple to install and use. Its modern style guarantees practicality while also enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your restrooms.

Paper Dispenser Manufacturer in India

Here's why Dolphy should be your top choice when it comes to purchasing washroom automation and industrial entrance products. Dolphy is a trusted leader in the industry, offering a diverse range of products to meet your specific needs. From paper dispensers to hand sanitizer machines, automatic soap dispenser, aerosol dispensers, and more – we have it all in one place. We are also the leading paper towel dispenser manufacturer in India.

Paper Dispenser Supplier in India

We take pride in providing our customers with affordable options. Our paper dispenser prices are budget-friendly, making it cost-effective for you to enhance the appearance of your hotels, motels, or industrial facilities. For your convenience, we offer the option to buy our products in bulk. This ensures that you have an ample supply of essential items, enhancing the efficiency and appeal of your space. Elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your spaces by choosing Dolphy as your trusted supplier for washroom automation and industrial entrance products like Sensor Water Tap and Cloth hanger

Different Types of Paper Dispenser at us

Explore the Dolphy Place to see our wide selection of paper napkin dispensers, each with special features and advantages that improve the functionality of your toilets and washrooms.

Paper Roll Dispenser

Our manual tabletop paper dispenser is the best option for home use. Your dining table or business desk will look great with its understated elegance. It's ideal for low-traffic areas and many domestic uses because of its environmentally friendly and anti-corrosion qualities.

Tabletop Paper Dispenser

For personal use, our manual tabletop paper dispenser is the ideal choice. Whether on your office desk or dining table, its simple and elegant design fits seamlessly. With eco-friendly and anti-corrosion properties, it's perfect for low-traffic areas and various household purposes.

Glass Paper Dispenser

Designed for heavy-duty use, the stainless steel glass paper dispenser comes with a universal fitting bracket and three self-tapping screws for effortless wall installation. Its sleek and clean appearance adds an attractive touch to your washrooms, making it a popular choice for industrial and factory settings.

Features of Paper Dispenser
  • The automatic paper towel dispenser can accommodate M or Z multifold towels at once with a simple utilization process.
  • It is built to last longer with a durable strength and has a top lock that makes it more convenient to use.
  • The product has a sleek and clean appearance that will make your restrooms look more precise.
  • It is a perfect product for high traffic areas where using a cloth towel is not recommendable.
  • The product is easy to use and install with a number of advantageous features providing a healthy & eco-friendly environment.
  • The tissue paper dispenser is perfect for commercial and non-commercial places as well with a manual operation.