Aerosol Dispenser

Aerosol dispenser is a perfect dispenser that can spray liquid particles in air and sprinkle fragrance. Aerosol Dispenser is widely used in offices, institutes, and other commercial places.

Aerosol Dispenser

ABS Wall Mounting 2 In 1 Aerosol Dispenser 250ML
ABS Wall Mounting 2 In 1 Aerosol Dispenser 250ML
Digital LCD Display Perfume Dispenser
Digital LCD Display Perfume Dispenser
Polycarbonate ABS Automatic Aerosol Dispenser
Polycarbonate ABS Automatic Aerosol Dispenser
White rectangular aerosol dispenser with remote
White rectangular aerosol dispenser with remote
Fully automatic aerosol dispenser spray machine
Fully automatic aerosol dispenser spray machine

An aerosol dispenser is a device that is specially designed to spray tiny liquid particles in the air providing the environment a pleasant fragrance. The dispenser is widely used in offices, institutes and other commercial places and it is a must used the device at public places. When the mixture is released from the device it is converted into liquid propellant spraying into fine mist in the environment. It has different storage capacities and some automatic features that make it more easy and convenient to use. The dispenser can be filled with perfume and emits the fragrance with the help of an button whenever needed or at regular intervals.

Aerosol Dispenser Manufacturer & Supplier in India

We are aerosol dispenser supplier and manufacturer all around the globe. We focus on the quality and requirements of our customers and on the basis of this principle we provide them with the best quality products. The ones that you see on our website are rarely available at any other store.You just need to choose the most favorable one for your place and then you can make your place more reliable. As it is wall mounted it can be fixed anywhere and used whenever you need it. We also have air purifier at Dolphy India.

Aerosol Dispenser Price

You will come across a range of different aerosol dispensers at our online store. The aerosol dispenser price that you see here are low and affordable. They are automatic and light censored that spreads the fragrance at timely intervals. It is a small and convenient device that can be put anywhere and used whenever needed. We have them in huge quantities and you are in need of them then you can easily go through our collection and choose the favorable one.

Aerosol Dispensers That we Have

At Dolphy, you will find a range of aerosol dispensers that are automatic with different working modes and long-lasting durability. Here are some of the highly preferable dispensers that you will find at our online store.

Adjustable Automatic Aerosol Dispenser

The adjustable Dolphy aerosol air freshener dispenser is an automatic fragrance machine that sprays the liquid at a predetermined time. It is a dual fragrance control dispenser with three different spray methods and multifunctional settings. It has different working mode options that can be adjusted to day, night or 24 hours. The device has a time controller and an Led light indicator. The machine is made from ABS material that is wall-mounted and can be fixed wherever needed.

LED Automatic Aerosol Dispenser

Another one that we have in the list is an automatic LED light aerosol dispenser having different working modes. Installing it at commercial places such as banks, offices and institutes prove to be a great idea. It is an eco-friendly device that has a long life durable quality. The dispenser works on low power consumption and has a minimum of 300ml capacity. It includes three different spray methods that meet the different demands of the user.

Remote Control Aerosol Dispenser

We also have a remote control aerosol spray dispenser made from ABS plastic material. It is a wall-mounted and energy-saving device. It can be controlled through a remote that is more convenient to use whenever you need it. The dispenser can be used anytime and through the help of the remote, you can start or stop it without touching the device. The spray bottle can be refilled with different fragrances to make the surrounding more pleasant. An exclusive range of hand dryer machine at Dolphy has been launched.

White LED Automatic Aerosol Dispenser

The white LED aerosol perfume dispenser can be used at a number of places that include workplaces, institutes, banks, schools, hotels, and many other places. The device has two-color indicator lights that warn you of low battery functions. It can be set for different working days and for different time intervals. The dispenser has an LCD control panel that can be used to reset the device and control the on/off mode. You can also buy LED Magnifying mirror for your bathroom which looks aesthetic and appealing at the same time.

Benefits of Installing an Aerosol Dispenser

  • To make your surroundings smell pleasant and give the environment a positive vibe, you can install the aerosol fragrance dispenser at your place.
  • The automatic device uses low power consumption and saves energy at optimum.
  • It can be used at any commercial place and is best for places where a large number of people visit.
  • The device has many automatic features that can be set as per your use and convenience and work on a timely basis.
  • It is an eco-friendly device that is not harmful to the users and can be used at different time intervals in a single day.
  • The dispenser converts the liquid into gas and gives the environment a fresh and pleasant vibe.