Sensor Water Tap

Our Sensor Taps and Sensor Water Taps, skillfully produced and offered in India, will improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. These latest innovations promote hygiene through touch-free technology while also enhancing aesthetics. These sensor faucets, which are perfect for washbasins, kitchens, and bathrooms, provide a stylish and hygienic solution for your environment.


Two In One Tap For Soap & Water
2 IN 1 Tap
(Auto Tap + Auto Soap)
Silver infrared sensor tap basin mount
Infrared Sensor Tap
(Electrical + Battery)
Silver cylinder sensor tap basin mount
Cylinder Sensor Tap
(Electrical + Battery)
Deck Mounted Brass Sensor Taps
Brass Sensor Taps
(Electrical + Battery)
Silver deck mounted sensor tap infrared sensor
Long Neck Sensor Tap
(Electrical + Battery)
Silver touchless sensor tap with Silent Consumption
Silver Touchless Tap
(Electrical + Battery)
Automatic Deck Mounted Cold and Hot Function Sensor Tap
Cold And Hot Sensor Tap
(Temperature Control)
2 IN 1 Deck Mount Infra-Red Sensor Tap
2 IN 1 Deck Mount Tap
(Auto Tap + Auto Soap)
Counter Basin Mounted Two In One Sensor Tap With Auto Soap Dispenser
2 in 1 Long Body Tap
(Auto Tap + Auto Soap)
Silver chrome plated Sensor taps with infrared Sensor
Counter Mount Long Taps
(Electrical + Battery)


Wall Mounted Tap With Hot & Cold Option
Cold And Hot Option Tap
(Temperature Control)
Chrome Polished Wall mounted Sensor Tap
Chrome Polished Tap
(Battery Operated)
Silver wall mount sensor tap with infrared sensor
Wall Mount Sensor Tap
(Battery Operated)
 2 in 1 sensor tap with soap dispenser
2 In 1 Wall Mounted Tap
(Auto Tap + Auto Soap)


Silver Stainless Steel Automatic Tap Converter
Automatic Tap Converter
Temperature Control Mixer For Automatic Sensor Faucet
Thermostatic Mixer Valve
Chrome-Plated Thermostatic Mixing Valve
Thermostatic Mixer Valve
(Hot & Cold Mixture)

Sensor Tap

As many people search for automatic sensor water taps here, we give our customers the opportunity to buy the best ones at affordable prices. The products that you see here are made up of long-lasting materials that are rust-proof and shiny. As washroom automation has become a necessity today we have a list of products regarding them. A clean and tidy bathroom helps to maintain hygiene and reputation, so choose something that makes your place look flourishing.

Sensor Tap Price

Enhance the aesthetics of your bathrooms and kitchen sinks with the elegance of sensor taps. Available in a wide array of stylish designs, these touch-free marvels are in high demand for their hygienic and user-friendly touchless technology. Today, hotels, motels, restaurants, malls, and various establishments embrace sensor taps at good price for their washroom automation needs, adding a touch of sophistication to their spaces. Dolphy also has a wide collection of automatic Soap Dispenser where you don't need to touch the dispenser.

Automatic Sensor Tap

These automatic sensor taps save water at optimum, as sometimes it happens that you do not close the tap properly and the water is wasted. So for this sensor taps are more favorable as they automatically turn off when you take your hands off. They are more hygienic as you do not have to touch them all the time when you are using it. Installing them at hotels, personal washrooms, airports and hospitals increases the structural beauty and goodwill of the place.

Sensor Taps Manufacturer and Supplier in India

You can compare sensor water taps prices in India and have a look that we offer the products at reasonable prices and in superior quality to our customers. This is because we are the leading manufacturer and supplier directly dealing with our customers. You just need to click on the desired product to get it at your doorsteps in a few days. So choose the best ones and make your place look the prettiest. Dolphy has also a wide range of Industrial Air curtain

Sensor tap for Wash Basin

Some beautiful sensor taps for wash basin in different sleek designs are available here. They have infra-red sensor that works on electricity as well as a battery. The taps are available in curvy designs that makes it look attractive and classy. They are the best for wash basin that are convenient to use and install. Buy them at a low and cheap price from our website and give your bathrooms a beautiful look.

Wall mounted Sensor Taps

The taps that are wall mounted takes less space as compared to those are installed at the basin. It has an automatic sensor that starts as soon as you put your hands below the tap. It is convenient for home as well as commercial places. It runs on batteries having infra-red sensors. The sleek and simple design of the product gives the buyer a reason to buy it. Also heck out our list of hand dryer machine at our website and choose the most appropriate one for your bathroom.

Stainless steel sensor taps

For a shiny and shimmery look you can choose the stainless steel sensor taps. These taps are rust-free and are made with durable quality of material that makes it one of the highest selling taps. Here you will come across a wide range of them that are wall-mounted and basin-mounted operated with battery or electricity. You will come across the best sensor taps price at our webstore. So if you want to give your interior a sparkling look, you can choose these taps.

Deck mounted

For a better and drip-free experience we have a range of deck mounted sensor taps here. They have both, automatic faucet and manual mixer faucet. This chrome polished tap has a touchless feature with adjustable knobs. It runs on dual operations including electricity and batteries. The taps are also featured with the facility of water temperature. You can use hot water or cold water as per your need.