Anti Skid Tape

Anti Skid Tape from dolphy is perfect non-slip taps which can be applied at stairs, kitchen, factories and other places. You can buy anti skid tape online at cheap price.

Anti Skid Tape

Black waterproof anti skid tape for floor
Black waterproof anti skid tape for floor
Black Anti Skid Tape With PVC Material
Black Anti Skid Tape With PVC Material
Transparent Anti Skid tape 2 Inch
Transparent Anti Skid tape 2 Inch
Zebra Stripe anti skid tape high bonding
Zebra Stripe anti skid tape high bonding

Anti Skid Tape for Stairs

The anti-skid tape assures you with the non-slip characteristics. They can be applied at stairs, in factories, kitchens and other places. They are thin and thick with different color lines such as yellow and black lining that are waterproof and can be used at slippery floors to avoid accidents. The tape gives a safe walk with it's slip resistant characteristics. You can cut the tape in desired length and apply it wherever needed. You just need to pull them and stick them on stairs and floors that make a proper grip between the shoes and the ground while walking.

At Dolphy you will come across a wide range of anti-slip tapes that can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. Here are some of the tapes that can be used for high traffic areas and slippery surfaces.

Waterproof Anti Skid Tape

The waterproof single color anti-skid tape is highly preferred for stairs. They are made of PVC and other materials that give a perfect grip while walking. They have a rough effect on the surface that is eligible for effective movements. It has a perfect bond with the floor with durable features. It has a strong adhesion and can be applied at playgrounds, slopes, bathrooms, etc. You can also check out our floor marking tape for office wear.

Anti Slip Tape

For those who don't want to cover and hide the granite or tile surfaces can use the anti slip tape. It can be applied to skateboards, scooters, treadmills and other places. It can be easily applied to the surfaces keeping the place clean and sufficient. They are even used to apply inside and outside the bathtubs. Using it in kitchens is also a better idea.

Anti Skid Tape manufacturer in India

You will get a variety of skid tapes at our online store. They are available in different lengths and thickness. They are widely applied at sharp edges and at edges of the stairs to avoid accidents. You can buy the tapes at a cheap rate at us at manufacturer price and use it at commercial places and even non-commercial places. The tapes that you see here are made of durable and long-lasting materials such as PVC, PVEA and PET that are strong and effective. Get PVC Strip Curtain rolls for home and hotel use.

Anti Skid Tape Supplier in India

You can buy it from anywhere in the world as we are the distributors to every country and state. You can just go through the collection of tapes here and choose the most appropriate ones as per the place where you are going to apply it. People usually choose the transparent ones for kitchens and bathrooms and the colored ones for office premises and workplaces.

Anti-skid Tape with a Fluorescent Line

The tape with a bright neon line in between gives it a fluorescent appeal. It is widely used at the edges of the swimming pools to avoid slipping. The line between the tape gives it an attractive appeal. They are an ideal anti skid tape for steps that perfectly matches with the interiors of the place. This 3m anti skid tape is made of PVC material giving a proper stability to slippery surfaces.

Zebra Stripe Anti-skid Tape

The double colored tape is commonly used in industries and workplaces. Some industries have metal surfaces and to avoid slips there the zebra stripe tapes are highly preferred there. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor uses having waterproof and high bonding features. They are used at the edges of the stairs and in commercial buildings for a precise look.

Advantages of Anti-slip Tape

  • They are the best regarding the safety purpose.
  • They give a proper grip at the floor and provide easy movements.
  • As they are made of strong adhesive they have a firm and permanent hold.
  • They are easy to use and clean for indoors and outdoors.
  • The ones with neon stripes can be used to mark hazardous areas.
  • The zebra stripe tapes can be used for high traffic areas.
  • The tapes are available in different colors with some indications used to warn the walkers.
  • Shopping malls, stadiums and sports halls even make use of the glittery tapes for an effective look.
  • They are even used for domestic purposes such as kitchens and canteens.
  • They are waterproof and slip resistant characteristics.
  • They are found in different colors and thickness that can be chosen as per the need and use.

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