Floor Marking Tap

Floor Marking Tap from dolphy is perfect tape which helps you to create a partition of different places. Floor marking tape is used to keep hazardous and dangerous places away from common people using marking tape. Floor marking tape is used in industries, factories and crime scenes.

Floor Marking Tap

Safety hazard floor marking tape zebra lines
Safety hazard floor marking tape zebra lines
Yellow waterproof floor marking tape with 2 inch size
Yellow waterproof floor marking tape with 2 inch size
Red floor marking tape for safety
Red floor marking tape for safety
Glow in dark floor marking tap with 5m length
Glow in dark floor marking tap with 5m length

The floor marking tapes are used to create lines that describe the partition of different departments in the place. They are found in many different shades and are used as per the requirement of the place. For hazardous and dangerous places the double-colored zebra tape and the bright red tapes are more preferable. They are widely used in industries and factories where at crowded places as well that directs the people to work and work efficiently.

The broad safety hazard warning tape is highly used in pharmaceutical companies, food storage areas, gyms, hospitals, etc. You just need to stick them at the relevant places so that you can warn people easily regarding the area. The tapes can be used to mark places such as football court, badminton court and volleyball court. As they are waterproof, they can be even used beside the swimming pool area. Check out mini bars at Dolphy India.

Yellow Tape for Floor Marking

The plain yellow waterproof floor marking tape is perfect for hospitals, malls and other commercial places. The 3m floors marking tape is eligible for every surface with break-resistant characteristics that do not scratch off that is even strong and durable. The yellow tape is used to catch the attention of passersby to avoid possible hazards.

Floor Marking Tape Manufacturer & Supplier in India

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of floor marking tape in India. They are available at price and you can even buy in bulk for your workplaces and office premises. We are the distributors of floor marking tap, anti-skid tape and other materials including covid accessories, washroom automation products and hotel amenities that can be bought from anywhere in the globe. You just need to choose the desired product, order it and pay for it by any online payment mode. The product is checked twice before dispatching it to your place so that you receive the perfect one at the prescribed time. We also have anti-skid tape at our web store.

Floor Marking Tape Online

You will find a range of floor marking tape at our online store in different colors and materials. The most common material is vinyl that is even waterproof that even helps to avoid slips and falls when you put your foot on it.

Red Floor Marking Tape

The red one is more precise for hazardous areas. As it is a bright color it strikes faster and is most commonly used on chemical factories, food storage areas, construction sites and automotive industries. It sticks firmly to the floor and is strong and does not peel off easily. They are far better than using paint on the floor.

Safety Hazard Zebra Warning Tape

The double color yellow and black zebra tape are ideal for general purpose warning. It works as first aid equipment at places such as showers and other slippery places. They are easy to use and are available in different sizes that are used as per the requirements and necessity of the place.

Glow in Dark Floor Tape

The tape with a neon shine is perfect for dark areas and even dark floors that strike passersby even when it is dark. They are more preferable for godowns and underground parking where you need a maximum amount of light. The neon green tape, orange tape and yellow tapes are even used in malls and other departments that give an ideal effect and information to the place. Check out Queue Manager at Dolphy India.

Different Colors are Used for Different Purposes

There are many different colored taps that are used for different places and different purposes. Here are some of the colors and their usages.

  • The red-colored tape signifies danger or stop that is applied at emergency stop bars or identifying fire equipment.
  • The fluorescent orange or red-orange tape is used for biosafety purposes that usually signifies labels and containers of blood or infectious wastes.
  • The green color signifies safety for respiratory equipment and safety showers working as first aid equipment.
  • The zebra tapes are used as boundaries and are even used for high traffic areas or housekeeping markings.
  • The yellow tapes are used for cautions. They are perfect to label on cabinets that showcase flammable to keep fire away.
  • Blue tape signifies signs and bulletin boards and shows certain warnings or moving equipment being repaired.

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