Cable Protectors

Cable protectors are strong, flexible devices created to help protect cables from possible breaking and damage. They have a variety of uses, including protecting wires on roadways and in major industrial companies. Cable protectors are easily available online, allowing you to easily ensure the security and lifespan of your cables.

Cable Protectors

Black flexible cable protector for road
Black flexible cable protector for road
2 Channel Flexible Cable protector
2 Channel Flexible Cable protector
3 channel cable protector for road
3 channel cable protector for road
Entrance cable protector with rubber material
Entrance cable protector with rubber material

The cable protectors are used to protect the cables from damage and tears. The cable protectors are flexible and strong made from natural rubber that can be used at roads and large firms. The protectors are used to keep your laptop chargers, earphones and mobile chargers safe from bending and damage. The protectors are available in different colors and the most common color combinations are black and yellow. It can be a spiral cable protector or a drop clip protector.

Cable Wire Protector

The product or device that protects your cable wire from getting damaged is a cable protector. It is usually a cover that saves the cables from water, heat and other damages. If the wires are left open, they make the place look untidy therefore the protectors are used to collect them all together and manage the efficiency of the place. They are usually made of natural rubber that gives it flexible and durable characteristics. The cable guard is used to protect every kind of wire. You can buy safety gadgets for your home as we are the digital safe locker manufacturer in India.

Cable Protector Price

There are different types of cable protector that depend on the use and types of wires. These protectors are made of different materials. Listed below are some of the cable protectors that can be used as per the needs. If you need a headphone cable protector then the one made from soft rubber is the best. The rubber cable protectors are soft and flexible that are used to hide the wires and prevent damages. The loose wires in office premises can get stuck in the foot and make you fall therefore the wide cable protectors are used to cover the wires that saves the wires from getting damaged at low price.

Cable Protector Manufacturer and Supplier in India

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of cable protectors. As the product is highly demanded all around the globe for domestic as well as industrial use, we give our customers the opportunity to buy them from anywhere in the world. You can buy a single channel cable protector or multi channel cable protector as per your need from our online store. The price of wire protector that you find here is low and affordable as compared to other online stores and you even get them in premium quality materials. Check out hand dryer machine at Dolphy at low price

Charger Cable protector

The heavy duty cable protectors are used in industries and roads where long and thick cables are found. The ramp cable protector has a bright yellow border that strikes from far away. The protector has a lid of a bright neon color that makes people aware of the wires that are spread on the road.

Polyurethane Cable Protector

These cable protectors are wide and curved that are perfect for offices and warehouses. They are ideal for high traffic areas or roads where heavy vehicles visit. They are even found in amusement parks and gardens. The protectors are widely used at industries and workplaces where laborer's are busy all day long.

MCP Multi Cable Protector

The best cable protectors that can hold on a number of wires is the multi cable protector. They have an anti-slip texture with a perfect grip that is made of waterproof material. These protectors are available with lids and are even found with a non-lid and single channel that can hold multiple wires at a time. Floor Marking Tape are also very useful for stairs and we have a collection in bright colors too.

Uses of Cable Protector

The cables of a device need to be protected properly or else the device will be of no use. How will you work if the cable of your office premises is damaged and you lose the connection five times a day. It can be frustrating when the wires are destroyed or don’t work properly. Changing the wires can be an expensive task therefore protecting it from before is mandatory. You find different types of cable protectors such as charger cable protector, laptop charger cable protectors, etc in the market. There are a number of uses of cable protector, some of them are listed below.

  • The protector saves the cord from bending and damaging.
  • The rubber cover is flexible and made from durable and long-lasting materials.
  • They protect the points joining the metal plugs and save them from damaging.
  • They are used to reduce accidents protecting people from falling.
  • They cover all the wires and cables on the road and industries so that the vehicles and machines can pass off easily.
  • They keep the surrounding tidy and save the cables from gathering all together.
  • The protectors are available in different lengths and widths that can be chosen as per the types of wires that have to be covered.
  • As the covers are flexible they can be used anywhere and are soft that does not hurt the foot.
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