Luggage Cart

Luggage Cart Is the perfect trolley for carrying luggage to your rooms. Luggage carts are used in hotels, air ports, and railway stations. Buy Luggage cart from luggage cart manufacturer & supplier.

Luggage Cart

Gold Luggage Cart With Folding Option
Gold Luggage Cart With Folding Option
Gold Luggage cart With Metal Material
Gold Luggage cart With Metal Material
Gold plywood luggage cart with 2 wheels
Gold plywood luggage cart with 2 wheels

The luggage cart is used in hotels, motels and lounges where staying is an option and even airports. It is a trolley with wheels that is used to take the luggage to your rooms. It is an easy to access and portable device that uses manpower to work but due to wheels it consumes less energy. The cart is available in different sizes and different color options made from different metals and materials. The luggage cart has a flat platform and small wheels below it with some handles and support above that is used in moving the trolley. 

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Dolphy introduces a variety of luggage carts that are perfect to use for your hotels or motels made from high quality materials such as stainless steel, metal and titanium. They have a red carpet finished plywood platform that is used to carry bags and suitcases on it. The luggage trolly has beautiful stainless steel handles with golden shimmers that gives the cart an adoring look. The curved handles and spaces between it makes it easy to handle and the wheels on it gives it an easy movement. 

Foldable Golden Luggage Cart

The luxurious foldable golden luggage cart is favourable to carry heavy luggage and its foldable property helps it to keep it aside even in small places. The carts are highly favourable for hotels and guest houses where you need to take the baggage from one place to another. The trolley is portable and can be taken anywhere easily. The foldable ones that you see here are made from stainless steel having titanium finish and wheels for a better movement. You can buy this cart at a low and reasonable price from our online store.

Places where Luggage Carts are Used

The carts are widely used in hotels but there are even some other places where they are used. 


You may have seen the big trolley at the airport used to carry the baggage from the baggage department to outside the airport. Those airport luggage cart are made from stainless steel, aluminium and other materials making it worth using. They have brake assembly, bumpers and hand holds making the device easy to use and handle. 



The red trolly with golden handles are found in hotels and motels. The cart is ready to take the luggage when someone arrives in the hotel and from room to the car when someone departs from there. The trollies there are found in different sizes that are used to carry the heavy luggage and lightweight luggage as well.



When you go shopping in malls or a departmental store you find the cart in which you can keep all the things that you are going to purchase. Those trolliers are usually made of stainless steel having a heighted platform so that you can easily keep the items that you have purchased. A flatbed trolly is also very popular to carry heavy luggage. 

Uses of a Luggage Cart

The product is of high use at places where a large number of people visit daily with their luggage. 

The trollies are found in different heights with different platforms that can be flat or have square spaces at its platform. 

The cart has different types of handle according to the type and height of the trolley. 

The suitcases and bags filled with clothes and other materials are taken to the hotel room with the help of the cart.

The food ordered is also taken to the room with the help of the trolley having two flat platforms.

In restaurants also they are used to serve the food brought from the kitchen to the dining table.

They are even used at train stations and bus stations to carry the baggage to the transport. 

The cargo for planes, trains and ships are also taken to the transport with the help of the luggage carts. 

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