Housekeeping Trolley

Housekeeping Trolley from Dolphy is the best trolley for hotels, hospitals to carry all the stuff. Trolley for housekeeping is used to keep all necessary stuff properly while carrying. You can buy housekeeping trolley online from dolphy at discounted price.

Housekeeping Trolley

Housekeeping Cart
Housekeeping Cart
Cleaning Trolley
Cleaning Trolley
Housekeeping Service Cleaning Trolley
Housekeeping Service Cleaning Trolley
Handicap wheelchair
Handicap wheelchair

You may have seen a huge cart in hotels and hospitals that are used to carry all the stuff. The multi shelves trolley have adjustable trays, wheels and washable bags that can be used to keep dirty clothes and tissues. The trays are used to keep all the items properly on the shelves and use them whenever needed. The trolley is widely used in super markets, office buildings, hotels and are also preferable for domestic purpose. The housekeeping trolley can hold a number of items such as clothes, food and some other products that can be used to take the things from one place to another.


Housekeeping Trolley for Multi Function

The housekeeping cleaning cart that you find at our online store is a multifunction trolley that is used for hospitality work and can load heavy items. The trolley has bumpers and wheels that makes it easy to move. The cart is made of stainless steel having three to four adjustable trays that can be even taken off when you need to keep large items on the cart. It consists of a washable bag with small pockets that can be used to keep tiny items. It is available in different colors and sizes that can be chosen as per the need. 


Places where Housekeeping Trolley     

The housekeeping cart is used in a variety of places for a variety of purposes. They are made of different materials used to carry different items. Here are some places where the trollies are widely used.


housekeeping trolley for Hotels:

The most common use of housekeeping carts is done in hotels and motels. The trolley is used to carry the cleaning accessories such as sprays, cleaning scrub, water and bedsheets. It is largely used when the rooms are cleaned and the bedsheets are changed. The entire room is cleaned and sanitized for which all the materials are kept on the trolley. It is even used to serve the food.  


housekeeping trolley for Workplaces:

We have trolleys for housekeeping made from aluminium and stainless steel that are preferable for workplaces and industries. They are used to carry the cleaning accessories and vacuum cleaner machine along with all the pipes and electrical attachments. It is even used to take the tiny equipment from one department to another department. The wheels and bumper on the cart makes it easier to use. 


housekeeping trolley for Hospitals:

The cart is even used in hospitals to carry medical equipment and medicines to patient’s ward. We have a large cart with three shelves, a multi purpose tray and two nylon bags and a medium size cart with a different number of shelves and a single bag that can be used to keep fabric stuff. The trolley can be chosen as per the daily needs in the hospital. As they are multifunctional they can be used for different purposes.   


housekeeping trollet for Domestic Purpose:

Not only commercial places, the trolley is even used for domestic purposes. You can easily buy online housekeeping trolley at a low and affordable price from our webstore. It can be used when you are cleaning the house. It has wheels and handles that are used to move the trolley easily. The bag at the corner even has small pockets that can be used to carry brushes and other usable items. 


Advantages of Housekeeping Trolley

The housekeeping trolley has a number of advantages and is used for a variety of purposes. 

They have three to four layers of tray that are eligible to keep heavy objects on them. 

They are made from different materials that can be chosen as per the need. 

It is widely used to move the objects from one place to another or to keep the equipment that are to be used at different places. 

They are made of stainless steel and other metals that gives it a rust free property.

It has steel handles that are efficient to hold the tolley firmly and provide a proper grip. 


Why We?

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