Entrance matting from dolphy is the perfect mat to keep your floor clean and give place royal look. You can use the entrance mat for home, office, commercial, Corporate.

Entrance Matting

Gray water washable entrance matting for floor
Gray water washable entrance matting for floor
Grey loop entrance matting for dust removal
Grey loop entrance matting for dust removal
Pvc Vinyl Entrance Mat With Anti Slip
Pvc Vinyl Entrance Mat With Anti Slip

To keep your home, workplaces and surroundings clean you can opt for entrance matting solutions. It will keep the floor clean and give the place an effective look. Public places such as malls and hospitals are the most common places where you will find these mats. Along with keeping the place clean it even gives an efficient appeal to the surrounding. The dirty or muddy shoes can make the place untidy and leave the spots wherever you go. You dirty shoes can create a bad impression, so cleaning them will be more preferable. 

Choosing the Right Entrance Mat

The mats are made from different materials and you need to choose the correct one. At Dolphy you will find different types of mats that can be used for different places and purposes. Some are made from polyamides and nylon, some from PVC, some from coir, natural rubber and other materials. It all depends on the place where you are going to use it. You can use soft cotton mats near your beds and need a long polypropylene mat for high traffic areas. 

It is a perfect solution to keep the dirt and dust away. While visiting a mall or a hospital you may have seen a thick entrance matting near the main door of the premises. The matting is done there so that the hospital premises remain tidy and clean. Microfiber or nitrile matting is done at the slopes so that it can make an eligible grip at the place while moving stretchers and wheelchairs. The rubber matting is usually done to get a fine grip at slippery floors. In industries and factories or some commercial places coir matting proves to be a better solution. At shops and other places the use of small PVC mats are more preferable. 

Some Entrance Matting at Our Online Store

At our webstore you will come across a variety of matting solutions that are perfect for your commercial and non-commercial places. 

Zig-zag Entrance Mat: The thick mat made of coir, polypropylene or PVC is perfect for office premises. The zig-zag entrance matting can give the place a soothing appearance while removing dust and debris from the footwear. It is not possible to remove your shoes everytime you visit a place therefore covering the floor with mats will be a better option. 

Carpet Mat: We also have carpet mats with a rubber grip at bottom and nylon or polyamides stripes at above that helps to remove water and moisture from the shoe. These door mats can be kept at the main doors or washrooms and are highly preferable for monsoons. You can get them at a reasonable price and durable quality from our online store.

Loop Entrance Mat: To remove heavy dust and dirt from the shoe you can choose a thick loop mat that is available in different sizes and colors such as red, black and grey. They are a perfect choice for high traffic areas such as industries and firms. The thick layer and spaces of the loop entrance matting gives a perfect grip to the tile furnished floor. You can easily buy those mats from here. 

Nitrile Entrance Mat: The natural rubber mats are perfect for compounds and long walkways. They stick to the place nicely, are highly durable and water resistant. These mats are usually found in black color with good non-slippery characteristics. The product is favourable for high traffic areas and can even be used for domestic purposes. 

Advantages of Entrance Matting

The main purpose of an entrance mat is to keep the place clean and maintain hygiene. 

It helps to remove the soil or dust, if any, from your shoes keeping it clean. 

It is available in different materials and helps to prevent slips and falls. 

It makes cleaning and dusting more effective as the place becomes less dirty.

Some of the mats are made of rubber and nylon strips that makes it more effective to use. 

They are easy to use and manage with durable and long-lasting characteristics.

They are available in different colors and shades that can be matched according to the furnishings of the place. 

Why Us?

You get the best flooring mats for office here. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of floor matting all around the globe and provide our customers a wide range of products. We try to fulfill all the needs and necessities of our customers by offering them the products at cheap and affordable prices. You just need to choose the desired one and get it at your doorsteps at the allotted time.