Steam Iron

Buy high-quality durable best steam iron online in India at a low price. Dolphy is rated one best steam iron manufacturer and supplier in India.

Thermostatic Electric Steam Iron online with Teflon Material
Thermostatic Electric Steam Iron online with Teflon Material
(Teflon Plate-1250 W)
1600W Steam Iron online with Non-Stick Teflon Soleplate Material
1600W Steam Iron online with Non-Stick Teflon Soleplate Material
(Teflon Plate-1600 W)
 Dolphy 2000W Steam Iron Online With Non-Stick Creamic Coating Soleplate Material
Dolphy 2000W Steam Iron Online With Non-Stick Creamic Coating Soleplate Material
(Ceramic Plate-2000 W)
2200W Non-Stick Creamic Coating Soleplate Material Steam Iron Online
2200W Non-Stick Creamic Coating Soleplate Material Steam Iron Online
(Ceramic Plate-2200 W)

Steam iron price

Steam irons are the clear winners in terms of versatility. The price range is determined by the material and functions available. Steam irons can be found in a wide range of prices. Choose a model that allows you to use the steam function independently of the soleplate. You'll be able to iron wrinkles anywhere. The prices of dry irons and Steam Irons vary widely depending on the brand, material and functions available.

Steam Press Iron

Steam irons have made it easy to get a crisp press without having to fuss or hassle. The steam iron works by heating a metal plate, and releasing steam through small holes on the plate. The steam helps relax the fibres of the fabric and makes it easier to smooth wrinkles.

Steam Iron for Clothes

A normal iron with holes on its flat surface which releases steam to get wrinkle free clothes . A small portable appliance which helps us to get a crease and wrinkle free apparels. You can also buy Steam Ironing Board from Dolphy.

Steam Iron Online

The wearer will feel confident and stylish when wearing clothing that is properly pressed. It can be time-consuming and expensive to send your clothes to the laundry every day for ironing. A good steam iron is a much better option. You can buy one online at Dolphy.

Steam Iron Manufacturer & supplier in India

Ironing is a skill that can be learned over time. To achieve a flawless finish, make sure to follow the material settings when dry ironing and avoid the common mistakes. Dolphy is India's leading steam iron manufacturer, supplier and most popular steam iron brand. Dolphy is also one of the leading dealer of hair dryer online with all types.

How to use Steam Iron?

  1. Fill the tank according to the instructions given along with the iron, some Irons have removable tanks whereas some need to be directly filed. DO NOT FILL MORE THAN “MAX”.
  2. Use distilled water as tap water may contain minerals which can clog the iron, use distilled water at room temperature and empty the container when not in use as even distilled water may harm the Iron.
  3. While filling the tank make sure the iron is unplugged and cold.
  4. If the tank is removable make sure to place it right back into the iron.
  5. Make sure which fabric you are using so you can make the settings accordingly and wait for the soleplate to heat up.
  6. Many steam irons have indicators which turn off when the soleplate is ready to use.
  7. Turn on the steam option when iron gets hot.
  8. Use the iron the way you normally use, The product will start releasing steam, make sure you stay careful not to burn yourself with steam.
  9. Iron only until the cloth is crease free don’t iron until it is dry. It should be a little damp after ironing. If using pile fabrics don’t press iron on cloths use it by slightly holding it above the garment.
  10. If stubborn wrinkles , spray a lil water and then steam make sure to check the label before doing so as many cloths spot when water is sprinkled.
  11. Keep the iron on heel when you are keeping it down, make sure to remove the tank when the iron is hot, empty it and let the iron cool down completely before keeping it inside.
  12. Use the wrong side of cloth while ironing the darker side.
  13. Don’t use the iron on buttons, zippers or other such materials.

How to Select the best Steam Iron?

  1. Watt
    The functioning of iron is based on the heat and steam produced by the iron, how quickly it warms up, it depends on Watt.
  2. Soleplate
    The soleplate of iron can be made of aluminum or stainless steel and can have a coating of ceramic, titanium or even palladium coating. Though the quality of iron depends on arrangement, size and numbers of steam holes on the soleplate.
  3. Water Reservoir
    As per rule a water reservoir can be upto 300 ml.
  4. Constant Steam
    The basic steam per minutes is 20-35g per minute in modern iron whereas in advanced it can go upto 50g , the efficiency and speed of steam iron is solely dependent on how constant the steam is released from soleplate.
  5. Temperature Control
    The operating temperature of the iron can be controlled by thermostat technology, push buttons or touch control on the display. The most advanced model turns off automatically with the help of a timer or your hand touch. The iron turns on only when your hand touches the handle and it turns off when you remove your hand, the wattage of such irons is 2400- 2750watts.
  6. Spray
    The built-in spray feature is typical in modern irons.
  7. Power Cord
    The basic length of the power cord is 1.5- 3 meters whereas DOLPHY provides a cord length of 5 meters to give a free movement while ironing.
  8. Weight
    Average weight for steam iron should be 1kg - 1.5 kg, the heavier the iron the better the result is totally myth it solely depends on the wattage and soleplate.