Sole cleaning & Sanitizing machine-DSCM0001 Sole cleaning & Sanitizing machine-DSCM0001

Sole cleaning & Sanitizing machine-DSCM0001


Model No. DSCM0001
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Dimension 470x900x85 mm
Dry Zone 325 x 335 mm
Clean Zone 325 x 340 mm
Operation Electrical
Voltage 220V / 50 Hz
Start Mode Sensor auto start
Brush Rotate Speed 10m/min
Noise <60 db
Cleaning Mode Manual
Auto Cut 10-12 Sec

As an innovative brand, dolphy has specialized in hygienic technology more than 07 years. When thenvironment requirements become more and more important, dolphy proposed a new system concept which is an integrated cleaning technology for entrance.Transferring of materials and production activities lead to contamination on .Environment, and it becomes a threat to product quality, yield, safety in production.Comparing to traditional cleaning techniques, dolphy entrance cleaning system is more pronounced for customers to reduce the clean cost and security risk caused by contamination. This is the most eco - friendly, energy-efficient new technology. Dolphy Sole cleaning machine is very essential to every Food factory, pharma industries, 5-7 Star hotels and IT corridors to welcome its customers and workers. With its unique and stylish outlook, Dolphy stainless steel Sole cleaning machine is the symbol of Hygiene

  • 1. The motor drives the cylinder cores below the cleaning grills to move clockwise. The cleaning grills will clean the shoes sole by rotating. 
  • 2. The motor pump will clean the brushes with incoming clean water to achieve the automated self-cleaning function. 
  • 3. User dries the shoe soles on high density foam instantly and hence will not enter the clean zone with wet shoe soles.
  • 4. Used water will drain from drainage pipe while the strainer basket will separate solid matter from used water.Features Superb in cleaning soles with grooves;
  • 5. sole cleaner combines modern brush structure and special water recycle cleaning. It improves cleanliness, reduces cleaning cost and protects quality of the products and offers a dust free working and living environment. 
  • 6.y sole cleaning machine provides cleaning solution for different enterprises. It can be used in electronic industry, food industrial, lab, hospital, hotel, office and other enterprises that require a clean working environment. B. Automated Cleaning Sole Process 

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