Room Air Purifier- 75W Room Air Purifier- 75W Room Air Purifier- 75W

Room Air Purifier- 75W


Model No. DAPM0003
Material  ABS & Metal
Color  White
SENSOR Type Dust / Air Sensor
MOTER Type AC motor 
Power  75W 
Voltage  220V-240V 
Effective area  40 sq m (430 sq ft) 
CADR  308m³/h
Weight  6.3kgs
Max noise  65dB

Keep the air in your room fresh and the sound minimum so you can enjoy a good sleep all night, breathing clean air that is free of germs and allergens. This portable room air purifier from Dolphy is designed to give you a comfortable sleep all through the night. Dolphy Air Purifiers are specially designed to bring clean & healthy air to all interiors. These improve the quality of air and keep dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen & allergies away. Sleek and smart in their looks, Dolphy air purifiers not only purify the air effectively with their unique 5 Step Purification system but also add style and glamour to the interiors

  • 5 step filter purification
  1. First step : Pre filter Infiltrate the pre filter with natural antibacterial, anti-allergy elements, can effectively restrain the allergen like pollen.Function: can effectively restrain the allergen like pollen.
  2. Second step : high efficiency HEPA filter
    High efficiency HEPA filter is specially focused on particle with dia. Bigger than 0.25 micron.
  3. Third step : Activated carbon filter
    Activated carbon could powerfully absorb and solidify as well as crystallize, further remove toxic substances such as benzene and other peculiar smell. It can also stop secondary pollution caused by thermal desorption of pollutants.
  4. Fourth step : cold catalyst filter
    One side of the double hexagonal honeycomb aluminum substrate is coated with Nano – TIO2 employing the patented titanium technology, with high ability of sterilization and viruses removal. And an efficient formaldehyde remover is painted on the other side to capture formaldehyde in the air, and transform it into carbon dioxide and water after efficient decomposition. Removal rate is as high as 99.9%
  5. Fifth step : anion function
    Use anion generator which can produce quality of negative ions, physical absorption, remove peculiar smell, such as formaldehyde, benzene and other organic polluting gases. And it has high efficiency air purification.
  • Touch screen operation panel
  • Sleep mode
  • 4 Fan speeds
  • 0-8 hours Timing
  • Ionizer control
  • Children safe lock
  • Visible air quality indicator by color
  • Filter replacement indicator


With a dimension of 378X210X560 mm, this Air purifiar is of a compact size, making it ideal for tight spaces.

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