5L Electric Ulv Cold Fogger Machine 5L Electric Ulv Cold Fogger Machine

5L Electric Ulv Cold Fogger Machine


Product Code DSDR0122
Brand Dolphy
Chemical Silver H2O2 disinfectant (Handles both oil- and water-based chemical solutions)
Tank Capacity 5 ltr
Effective distance 3-8 meter
Atomization Volume 80-380ml/min (adjustable)
Particle Size 40-80μm (Adjustable)
Cord Length 5 meter
Material High Grade ABS
Output Method Automatic induction/ Touch free
Operation 100-240V
Rated power 800 W
Nozzel Specification 0.3,0.5,1.0,1.5
Dimension 866*268*136 mm

  • Electric ULV Cold Fogger- Our ULV Fogger meets industrial standard. Model : Electric ULV Sprayer Type : Power , Power Source: Electric , Main Material: Plastic , Voltage:100-240V, Power:800W Tank Capacity:5L , Spray Distance : 8M, Max. Spray Rate : 80-380ml/min (adjustable) Weight : 2.4KG, Size : 866*268*136mm
  • Easy to Use- Our electric fogger sprayer equipped with a long and flexible hose which makes it easier to spray the disinfectant in the places where you want to. Backpack tank design makes it more comfortable to hold and easy to carry. Spray distance is 8m, which can easily extend the hose to plants and garden area. The wide mouth is easy to fill and is equipped with a mesh filter to remove dust / debris from the storage tank
  • Safety - Always wear hand & eye protection when operating the Electric ULV Fogger. Keep all electrical internal/external connections dry & free of moisture, condensation or water/rain. Keep hands dry when operating the machine, dry hands before touching on/off power switch. After spraying chemicals, clean machine with water. If sprayed herbicides, use detergent to clean completely. Store in a cool dry place out of from sunlight.
  • Tips- The motor will get hot while use, it's normal please don't consider the product defected. Please read warning tip on product for first use. All of the items have been tested before they came out from the factory, it's normal situation if there is water in the container.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION- Our fogger machine can be widely used for airports, docks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, home, farm, garden, public transport, theaters and other public indoor & outdoor places.

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