304 SS Foam Dispenser - 1200 ml 304 SS Foam Dispenser - 1200 ml

304 SS Foam Dispenser - 1200 ml


Model No DSDR0101
Material 304 Stainless steel, 
Colour Silver
Capacity 1200 ml ,
Using Mode Press
Installation Wall-mounted
Variety of detergents Foam
TRANSPARENT RESERVOIR KNOB allows you to view contents and easy to see the internal object capacity changes.

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION:Made using durable, 304 stainless steel construction, this Foam dispenser is built to supply long-lasting strength and use year after year. This material is also corrosion- and vandal-resistant, allowing it to be used in all types of environments without the material rusting or eroding away. 
  • SIMPLE UTILIZATION: This product works with most free-flowing, all-purpose hand Foams and features a push button with a valve for simple dispensing of the Foam. 
  • HIGH-QUALITY PUMP: Equipped with a pump commercial Foam dispenser with a spring mechanism that makes commercial Foam dispenser super easy. 
  • TRANSPARENT RESERVOIR KNOB: Window indicates when refill is required to prevent unexpected depletion 
  • STYLISH DESIGN : Classic and stylish design, environmental protection, cost savings, and durable, High quality 304 stainless steel, permanent deformation, no leakage, feel good 304 stainless steel material will never rust. 
  • NOTE: some of them might be a little dirty inside, we suggest cleaning it with water before usage ) 
  • EASY REFILL: Easy refill by directly pouring soap in from the top. Also has a tamper/vandal resistant lock 
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Maintain a clean environment. A unique accessory in your Bathroom, Kitchen, Showers and Office. Rust resistant and durable-304 Stainless steel metal sealed container prevents messy Foam drips. 
  • SAVING SOAP:The foaming pump adds the needed air to turn it all into rich foam, which can reduce the water consumption during washing up to 45% and reduce soap consumption by up to 75%, you can use less to get the same cleaning benefits.(Please note that do not use normal soap liquid (thick liquid) in this dispenser, if the liquid is too viscous or contains impurities, it will cause the foaming net plug, the pump head jammed, press no foam, etc. , So we request you to please use foam soap

  • Healthy, Eco-friendly And Anti-Corrosive.
  •  Attractive and durable.
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to install
  • Attractive and Elegant Look
  • Easy To Refill
  • Using the newest technology of Silicone vacuum suction, so it has long service life, never leakage. There is dust fall into the liquid soap dispenser, it can be sucked out, and will not cause blockage or leakage at all.
  • It used imported engineering plastic materials, so it is strong and durable. And it will not easily broken. At last it can be used for a long time.
  • The packaging of the article features novel design beautiful and generous. It have both the European elegant style and the noble temperament.
  • It can be used for Stars Hotel, office building, hotel, hospital and so on. It will also very suit for family and make their lives more warm and comfortable.

Wall mounting for all types of conditions, public toilet, hotel, hospital, airport, bathroom, etc.

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