ULV Fogger Sanitizing Machine

Fogger machine At Dolphy is a perfect device that emits dense vapour appearing similar to fog or smoke with few minutes. ULV Fogger machine will be a perfect machine that generates liquid generates fog or smoke. Fogging machines can be used for the workplace, office, home, hospital.

ULV Fogger Sanitizing Machine

Blue ulv fogger sanitizing machine with 5 meter cord
Blue ulv fogger sanitizing machine with 5 meter cord

Fogger machine is a device that emits a dense vapour appearing similar to fog or smoke. It has a fuel tank that is filled with a chemical and that liquid generates fog or smoke. The machine can be either chilled or thermal energy. The chemical gas released from it has no smell and is not harmful to humans. The machine is usually used to kill mosquitoes and insecticides present in the house and it is also used to sanitize the place by filling liquid sanitizer in it.

Most of the fog machine fluids that we use are made from water and glycol solution that is not hazardous to the human body. It is useful to remove bad odour and bacteria from indoors. Different types of fogging machines are available in the market depending on its use and purpose along with different storage capacities.   


Fogger Machine Collection

The list of our products is very long. We provide our customers with a range of products that are necessary for a healthy environment. The fogger machine that we provide you works on high power and gives you the best results. They work at an effective distance of 3-8 meters with approximately 1000 W power. The machines have automatic induction and are touch-free.


Some of the Machines That We Have

You will get a range of disinfectant Fogging machines here. You can buy them according to your usage capacity and convenience. Some of them are listed below. 


Workplace Sanitizer Fogging Machine

Nowadays due to the high risk of viruses and bacteria sanitizing the places where you live and work is the most important task to do. This keeps you safe and healthy and makes your surroundings clean. You can buy fumigation fogging machines that are used to sanitize the places from our online store at a low and cheap price as compared to other sites. If you are looking for it then you must check our collection.  


Electric Ulv Cold Fogger Machine

You will get ultra low volume (ULV) fogging machines or cold fogger machines here. They use a large volume of air at low pressures that transforms liquid into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. You just need to fill the chemical liquid in the machine and use it whenever needed. This automatic fog machine uses minimum electric power that saves your bill. We have them with a minimum storage capacity of 5 liters which proves to be enough for even large places. 


Battery Operated Ulv Cold Fogger Machine

For a portable sanitizer fogging machine you can opt for this battery operated ulv cold fogger machine. As they are battery operated they can be used anywhere and at any time. They can be easily carried from one place to another and can be refilled with the chemical liquid whenever you want to use it. The cold fogger machine that you get at our store has a minimum storage capacity of 3 liters. It is easy to use with automatic induction and can work at an effective distance of 3-8 meters.


Pros of Fogging Machine  

  • It's the best tool to get rid of insects, pollution and dust in your house, office, backyards, gardens, farms, etc. 
  • The fog or smoke that emits from the machine is not harmful to adults or children and therefore they can be used anywhere. 
  • It is the best product to sanitize the places where you live and work all day. 
  • The sterilizer smoke machine uses an automatic induction output method that gives you a touch free usage.
  • They are made up of high grade ABS materials that gives the product a long and durable life span. 
  • The machines use high pressure to sanitize the room so that the effect can be seen in just a few minutes. 
  • They have adjustable particle size that can be adjusted according to the place where you are using it. 


Our Facilities

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of fogger machines in India. We have mini fogger machines that are much preferable for personal use, ULV atomizer fog machine and battery operated fogger machine at our webstore. You can purchase them at affordable prices and get it at your doorsteps at the allotted time. You can also get Automatic Soap dispenser, Automatic hand santizier dispenser, paper dispenser, Aersosol dispenser, Shoe Cover dispenser at our website